Waves of Time Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

This watch design is called Nami, meaning wave in Japanese. Designed in two color options; matte black or gold, the surface of the design is covered with waves.

The LEDs are placed on top of the waves. Two LED bars in the upper left-hand column indicates the hour (the first column 1LED = 2 hours and the second column, 1 LED = 1 hour). Two LED bars in the upper right-hand column indicates the 10 and 5 minutes. The bottom four LEDs indicate 1-1 minutes.

Let Laszlo know how you feel about his latest concept watch design in the comments box below.

12 thoughts on “Waves of Time Watch Design

  1. Laslo, you did it again. This is one of the best concepts I ever seen here. I like it a lot because its a hole concept, like the case and the strap integrated eachother.

    Excellent job !!!


  2. Hmmm fashionable! I like the waves. They waves are cool and their continuation into the straps is stylish. Maybe round LEDs would look even better because of the organic geometry. Gold-red for me 😀


  3. The watch is not BAD! I wonder where all these negative people come from. If you cannot leave constructive critiques, you are not welcome here.

    It is a cool watch bracelett actually. I also like the golden one, it would fit to my suit. As samukun suggested, round leds would be better maybe.


    • I think are constructive critiques ….. that should not be produced as a watch …… because of its bad design … not original and not very cool … If you are not welcome no matter I express my opinions and then …. not to stress …. bye bye


      • “watch bad ……” is not constructive. you better grow up. you can tell your opinion and then you can explain what you dont like. how should one ever make a better watch if you just run by and leave your childish bla bla?


  4. This is a really cool watch and I would gladly buy it if produced. The animations proposed is really nice and fit with the waves theme. I would personnaly take a darker blue to match the dark material. Really cool watch and thank you for your creative suggestions!


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