Interruption – LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam says: “My intention was to make a futuristic analog watch with illuminated watch hands. A parallel idea was the line which transforms to show the time in the case area.

“Interruption” are two analog watches. One for men, one for women. There are these white lines which fully encirlce the wrist. They are made of a higly reflective material to been seen clearly anytime. Only little light is needed in darker environments. The lines also react to black light. So if it is really dark, there are black light LEDs which illuminate the lines in the case areas. In that area the lines break because they perform a sharp bend. The ends form analog watch hands now. They are surrounded by subtle indicators for hours or minutes. If there comes black light from the outside, like in clubs for example, the whole lines are illuminated and give the watch a futuristic look.

I planned a slim plastic case and soft plastic straps to let this watch be as affordable as it can be. There is this time setting wheel in the cases’ left side. It is horizontal and blends into the slim design of the case. Next to it is a sliding lock switch to make the setting wheel start/stop working. On the other side is the light button for the black light LEDs and a cap wich covers the usb recharging opening.

I can see business people as well as party people wear that watch. And all the people between these extremes. It is a simple but effective watch design. This interpretation of an analog watch is futuristic and pretty unusual.”

22 thoughts on “Interruption – LED Watch Design

  1. Absolutely Brilliant! I really hope it gets made! Personally I wouldn’t want the little dots that are in a circle for help, I would rather it just be plain or maybe a solid line not dots?


  2. Sam hello, glad to re-examine you on the blog. You are often attached to the analogical system of reading, but with one more and in this concept, c’ is very sympathetic, sober and easy to read. Sam cheer, one Yes!


  3. usually i don’t like analog style watches, especially not if hands are used to display the time, but this design is extremely appealing and well-made. excellent.


  4. @ Whisp: Thank you! I cought myself thinkg: I would wear the narrow verion too, hehehe.

    @ Rob: Yes that is a comprehensible point. I tried to find a compromise between beeing plain and being exactly readable. I could live without the dots. If the most people think like that too, it is ok for me 🙂 But I think there are aslo many people who need the exact time. Hmm 50/50 😉 Thank you Rob.

    @ Patrick: Thanks alot Patrick. It took a while to make it that sober 😀 I tried many interpretations.

    @ werwolf: Oh thats cool! Hmhm, I tried a fresh aproach to real (mechanic) analog watches. Nice to have your comment here. Thanks alot werwolf!


  5. I like it! Very cool. Would definitely buy it, (the double one).

    I actually like the dots. I often need/want the exact time, not just an approximation.

    Let’s hope the light around the entire wrist is technically feasible.


  6. I love this design, great work again Sam! With regards to the lighting around the wrist, I have seen EL Wire being mentioned before. This would be great but I think it needs an inverter which is too large (please correct me if I am wrong).
    Might it be possible to use some optic fiber to take some of the light from the watch face and direct it around the strap?
    Good luck with this one, I can see it being popular.


  7. This is just perfect fo me and my girlfriend! You know, we watch this blog together and we like your two watches. I also said, I would wear the girl version hahaha. The simple and edgy style rocks. These are the best analog watches ever!


  8. @ all above: Thank you all for your opinions, hopes and luck wishes!

    I would like to make sure that you don’t misunderstand the the technics used for the straps. All white lines (straps lines, case lines an watch hands) are not illuminated by themselves. They are made of a higly reflective material, so they always seem bright. Like here: But they only glow when black light is around because I planned them in that special white material 🙂 In the case region I have black light LEDs. So image 5 is seen often. The straps themselves would need external blacklight like you have it in clubs for example. So image 6 is seen no that often (depends on how often you disco) It is very very simple to make, but looks so nice. I chose this easy technics in favor of feasability and price.

    I also thought about optic fibre to guide the case’s LEDs light into the straps. I like that very much because it’s still cheap but effective, just like I wanted. But I wasn’t sure about the light loss along the way. The EL wire seems cool but space consuming. Maybe Light Tape® works better. It is slim and flexible. No matter what is used, the continuity between the flexible lines of the straps, the rigid lines in the case and the rigid but rotating watch hands have to be preserved. So depending on the applied technics, there is a price span of 100-250$ I think.



  9. Sorry Sam, I missed that part of the description, I understand now. Perhaps there is no need for optical fiber, I think the reflective material would be good in all but the very darkest of situations. The only potential problem is the durability of such a material on a flexible strap, reflective clothing does seem to crack and wear quicker than other materials.


  10. Interruption might me its name, IMHO, this is indeed simple and nice design, and it should be very light! And… it suites tron costume too 😉


  11. at first i wasnt sure about how to read it but when i got it i instantly fell in love with this watch. This watch SHOULD BE MADE!!!


  12. @ T Chisley: Hey that’s a statement, thank you!

    @ James: That’s ok 🙂 You also gave some good hints too. I think for the stripes the same flexible base material can be used. Just in white (for the black light) and some reflection granulate added. The stripe is “molten” inside the black strap then. I really don’t know actually 😉 But I think its no problem.

    @ Another: Oh yes, I tried a slim, light and simple design. I’m glad it is accepted pretty good. I need a tron costume next halloween then. Thanks for your comment!

    @ Luis: Wow that’s the effect a real tokyoflash watch causes: wonder, comprehend, big grin 😀 Thanks alot for your impression and opinion!


  13. Hey i love your designs and ideas
    do you have your own blog that post all your designs?
    i love the “screwz” watch that you designed last year
    is there any chance you will sell it?
    i am really interested in collecting it

    this LED is very cool, i would buy both woman/man for my bf for valentine gift


  14. @ Angel: Thank you 🙂

    @ CY: Hey 🙂 Thanks alot! I don’t have an own blog yet. But I use facebook besides this design blog to post my ideas (Samuel Jerichow (Samukun)). A separate blog is a nice idea though. I don’t have news about the screwz watch. I don’t know about the chances yet. But cool that you checked the old entries and like the screwz… And these ones too 😀 I’m glad I made the female version and showed it.


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