Urban Algorithm Binary Watch Design

Design submitted by Gabor Nemeth from Hungary.

Gabor says: “I really like the concept of binary watches, although it’s hard to find any stylish pieces in this category, so I thought I could try to create my own.

The design is basically a mixture of the “classic” analog and the binary watch mechanisms: there are two LED circles – the inner one for the hours and the outer one for the minutes. Each LED represent a power of 2 (2^0, 2^1, …) which you can tell by their alignment (like on analog watches). You can tell the time by simply adding the values together (for instance 1:05 is [2^0] : [2^0 + 2^2]).

This design would be ideal for anyone who appreciates modern, minimalistic design and likes applied sciences. The market of binary watches is really small and most of these watches are quite cheap-looking and hard to read for most people. I believe this design can be a fresh idea among nowadays binary systems with its simple yet elegant look and easy readability.”

10 thoughts on “Urban Algorithm Binary Watch Design

  1. I’m not generally a fan of binary watches, but this is very nice! I like the connections to an analog watch, and the positions of the LEDs… Solid concept! =)


  2. I also don’t count myself to the fans of binary watches, but the execution of the topic is pretty convincing in this watch. The mixture with an analog display is quite charming. I appreciate the simple case and straps – very relaxing…. and stylish. Really nice job!


  3. I am very much a binary watch fan. There isn’t to much competition for binary watches and yet a very clean and stylish one has been designed. I would love to see this one produced. The thin design is nice and the placement of the LEDs like everyone has said is great


  4. “Need to see the real thing” Thats a concept, you will never see the real think until you bought it.

    Im not a binary fan too. But thats my personal point of view. It is so cool, that you placed the minute and hour leds on their corresponding value in an analog watch (led 2³ is where the 16th minute would be). So you can easily figure out its value. Actually i become friends with this watch. The case and straps could look less cheap though (maybe thicker case, wider straps, metal straps… something like that).


    • Well, thank you very much. The most important thing for me about this watch was to make this binary system as understandable as I could, so anyone who’s not familiar with it could read it too. With this “analog-like” placement I think it’s quite easy to tell the time even if the system is purely binary.
      About the actual design: I wanted to make it simple, minimalistic because every binary watch I could find on the market looks so complex or cheap, to be honest there is hardly any I would buy for myself. This watch – as you mentioned – is just a concept, that is why I didn’t mess around with the small details too much, but for the “real thing” I would definitely change some details on the case and the straps.


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