L7 Square Geometric Concept Watch

Design submitted by Anders from Sweden.

Anders says: “I was playing around with layouts for rectangular displays more suited to LCD screens than my earlier designs and came up with the idea to arrange numbers around a rectangular screen, and connect them by two right-angled lines; nice and geometric. Not to mention easy to read.Reading the time is easy: the thin line connects the hour digits, and the thicker connects the minute digits. Time is consequently read clockwise around the face, starting at the top. The display and numbers light up when a button is pressed, but dim at other times, to conserve power.

The square layout, carried over into the armband, gives the watch a somewhat chunky and masculine deco look, aiming the watch chiefly at men looking for a useable watch as well as a style statement. That said, it’s not exclusively masculine, but could easily be worn by a woman.

Selling points for this design is the ease of reading and the classic, almost 20’s styling with a modern twist. The name? L7 as in β€˜square’, of course.

26 thoughts on “L7 Square Geometric Concept Watch

  1. I understand you love colors but please just one time try a black version of your watch. πŸ™‚ (with a closed strap πŸ˜‰ )


  2. Really cool! I would buy the green version of this watch! It has to have the numbers on the front though. Without it it just becomes too difficult to read the time in my opinion.

    Very nice design.


    • Ah, a fellow fan of green? Nice to know I’m not alone…=)

      the idea is that the numbers are shown by hidden displays, so they can be dimmed or turned off completely, to make the whole thing look cleaner and to conserve energy… But you’re right, without the numbers it becomes nearly impossible to read…


    • Thanks! I imagine the display to be a small hi-def TFT screen (or similar), so you could animate the graphics to your heart’s content…=)


  3. I like the simplicity of this design. Easy to read and minimalistic display. It would also be doable in traditional lcd without loosing its charme. Wich is a good point.

    I would also like to see it in black. Maybe maybe maybe you could render a full chrome and a black version? πŸ˜‰
    Leaving away the numbers is a good idea, with some little indicators it would be usable even. It would emphasize the minimalistic idea but the ease in reading wouldn’t suffer that much.

    Cool work!


    • Thanks Sam! Yes, there are some options for the type of display, not least since I managed to use a rectangular face, for once…=)

      Hmm, maybe, if I find the time (and energy) to do it I’ll let you know…=)

      Yes, the idea of just having dots instead of numbers occurred to me too, and that would still work…


  4. Ohhh I really like the red one, Very creative and most definately well done. Im tired of seeing the boring watches! It’s good to know not everyone lost their creativity!
    Great job. Can’t wait to see more.


    • Thank you!
      Hehehe, don’t know if I agree with you about the watches being boring, but I’m glad you like this one…=) It’s getting more and more difficult to come up with ideas no one’s used before, so we’ll see when I manage to submit another (assuming it gets posted, of course)…=)


  5. I think this has a good chance. It is simple, good looking, comments arent bad. A version with dots instead of numbers would look very good. Id like to see a black version too.


    • I certainly hope so, this one should be a lot simpler to manufacture compared to most of my other submissions…=)
      Yes, maybe I’ll have to make another rendering…=)


  6. Very good work. I definitely love this minimalist and purified design.

    If I can suggest, an interesting option may be the optional display of numbers on the screen… without numbers the watch has a very good look, but it does not really serve the ease in reading =)

    I hope it will be maked by Tokyoflash, I do want a black one !


  7. This is one of the most pure designs I’ve seen so far. The reason is that everything is related: the shape of the time-descriptors is the same as the links in the band. That was a touch of genius. I also see that the top and bottom rows of numbers are aligned so as to avoid line collisions.

    I definitely think the numbers should only be visible when lit. As far as engineering this design goes, it shouldn’t be too bad. I could write a fairly simple C-program to drive the display. In fact, writing the driver in assembly might not be that hard either.

    This watch is a great design. I would love to own one.


    • Thanks! I’m very pleased with it myself, actually, for the same reasons…=) There’s a consistency to this design that I haven’t reached in my other submissions, I think…

      Yes, things are so much easier when you use a square display…=)

      I hope you (and I, and many more) will have the opportunity to wear it, but as always, it’s up to the good folks of TF to decide…=) Thanks for the support! =)


    • No, that’s fine…=) I’m a bit impressed with the white/chrome one actually, looks much better than I expected…=)
      I’ve been thinking about doing a black version myself, but I’ve got a bit too much going on right now to have the time… I’m rendering another concept as I type, actually…=)


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