Dislocated LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Patrick from France.

Patrick says: “As in the films of adventure, there is a treasure, but we must find a button that opens a secret wall…

A design for the geek within, the watch display opens “like the bowels of the earth” when a discreet button on the side is touched.  The polarity of the electromagnets repels the four quarters of the case to reveal the LEDs which display the time before closing.”

Patrick feels this design would work nicely with blue LEDs and in a lightweight case. What do you think? Vote and give your feedback below and there’s a chance this concept will become reality.

15 thoughts on “Dislocated LED Watch Design

    • Definitely Toys, said an advertisement in France for another famous Japanese brand which I will call X, “you’ve dreamed, X did it!” a great challenge for our friends Tokyoflash technicians.
      And it’s good to dream!


  1. I love the idea of the watch splitting in 4 parts to read the time! It would be nice to have a great animation of it!!
    Great job patrick!


  2. Hey man, this is a very weak for a TF’s watch! What is it that moves? And take it from a lot of energy? Poor presentation, as always.


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