Touch Time: A Watch Design With A Potentiometer

Design submitted by Genghis from France.

Genghis says: “I was looking for watch concepts with a friend, when he had the idea of using a simple potentiometer instead of push-buttons.

Then we wanted to add a nice animation with this turning button. I designed on two different cases for this watch: one with classical LCD display, and one with transparent LCD display.

You just have to turn the button to display the time. The time is told by scrolling the numbers on the LCD display. the time is actually told in two finger movements. One button half turn for the hours and another half turn one for the minutes. The potentiometer has 24 notches which corresponds to the scrolling of 4 numbers. The date can be told after the time (not shown on the animation ).

This watch is designed for both left-handers and right-handers. This option could be choosen with a switch on the back of the case or by pressing the button (use rotating push-button in this case, which could be practical for time setting).

I designed a unique case shape in order to fit with this big single button on the front face. I made differents renderings with using metal and/or plastic for the button and the strap.

Please let me know what you think about this way to tell the time and the case design. I hope you’ll like it !”

10 thoughts on “Touch Time: A Watch Design With A Potentiometer

  1. as they said up there: very interesting, nice design. It’s curious how simple things joined together make things look just cool.


  2. Wooooow! This is a really goood and outstanding concept. It’s so easy and cool. I’d buy the dark version without the left bezel. I want it!


  3. Really interesting! I would suggest to put the turning button on the side of the case, and maybe add some color variation on the display? 🙂


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