Kamisori Binary LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Logan from the USA.

Logan says: “Inspired by Tokyoflash R75, I revised a previous idea to have both binary and 12-5-9 display modes.

Kamisori has a unique shape that reminds me of a multi-bladed razor, hence the name.  The two columns of six prisms on the case are tilted in different directions, and the prisms continue around the strap.  Each of the twelve prisms on the case has one smoked acrylic face through which either a red or green LED shines.  The other faces of the prisms, and the rest of the watch, are made from black-coated aluminum (like Denshoku).  (In other words, the whole prism doesn’t light up, just one of the faces, which increases readability.)

Time can be displayed either in binary mode (hours in red, minutes in green), or in 12-5-9 mode (show hours first, then tens of minutes, then single minutes).  In binary mode, there is an option for 12-hour or 24-hour display, and, with the 24-hour option selected, the hour LED with a value of 16 can be lit.

If you love binary, this is a great watch.  If you hate binary watches, you can still love the shape and use the 12-5-9 display mode.

Putting a lens on only one face of each prism results in a unique lighting effect, quite different than if the entire prism were to light up.  None of the current Tokyoflash watches have this “directional” style of lighting.  The overall shape of the watch is also very distinctive.”

5 thoughts on “Kamisori Binary LED Watch Design

  1. Ooo brighty 😀 Logan, that’s very cool, you have a 12-5-9 option! The appearance it quite stylish. Dark and prismic is not too feminine 🙂

    Are the straps like that or did you leave away the other half?

    Anyway, good design and congrats to further 3D experience!


    • Thanks, Sam. Regarding the straps, I left part of them out as I couldn’t really illustrate them with my poor 3D skills. I made this using OpenSCAD by numerically specifying the prism vertices, angles of rotation, translations, etc. It’s rather tedious and not well suited to this type of work, but I know how to use it from some other work. Unfortunately, I think many commenters don’t care for my unpolished renderings — I just hope they vote based on the idea and not the graphics. In the future, I’ll probably stick to 2D illustration, at least until I can find time to lender Blender eventually (maybe).


  2. Hey Logan! You did it in 3D now!! and it s a great use of it with the nice bevel!
    Can we have this one in dark blue and light blue too? I would be it! 🙂


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