Tunnel Vision LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary

Another fascinating concept from Laszlo here. It reminds us a little bit of the Kisai “Broke” watch from Tokyoflash with the shattered screen.

The left side of the display show the hours 1-12, the right side of the display show minutes (1 LED=1 minute) progressing from top to bottom. The center LED is blinking to express the “light at the end of the tunnel”.

How do you feel about Laszlo’s latest concept? Do you have ideas for improvement or do you love it as it is? Give your feedback in the comments below and this design could become reality.

11 thoughts on “Tunnel Vision LED Watch Design

  1. Nice work again Laszlo. I like the way the time progresses and gradually builds up to fill the watch face. Another stunning watch design here. Would you envisage this being LCD or LED?


  2. Really well done, just like your other designs.

    I think LCD would be best as the design is meant to be left on, rather than activated to display the time. If it is LCD though, you would probably need it to be a negative display, with a backlight that can be activated – similar to the negative watch. This would probably make it so the line color between each cell would be lit up when the backlight is activated, which would make for an interesting effect, I think.

    I really think tokyoflash needs to make more watches like this (not specifically this one, but other community made concept watches). They are cool and professional looking designs that tell the time in interesting ways, without looking gimmicky.

    To tell the truth, what I mean is, the latest few new watches like ‘wasted’, ‘traffic’, ‘changing lanes’, and ‘broke’, while they are undoubtedly cool, they lack the kind of neat and ordered systems that I loved in the more classic designs (like the Denshoku, waku, barcode and pimp watches), and like what is shown here. Sorry to sound negative, but thats just what I think.


  3. Solid and imaginable design. Good work! The time reading isn’t good for me, but the graphical image looks cool. You really have nice displays.


  4. That’s probably a matter of taste but I prefer the LED bricks watch concept rather than the tunnel image. Maybe it’s due to the fact that it looks a bit like a spider web (minutes areas).
    Otherwise, great job! 4 rating!


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