Four Dials LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Patrick from France.

Patrick has created another watch inspired by cars, this one from the 50s.  The animation of the LEDs is like the dials of the towers, an engine that hums with no concern for speed limits.

There are four dials that display the time.  The leftmost dial shows 5 hour/month group and beside this are the single units.  Third dial shows 10 minute/day group and single minutes/day on the rightmost dial.

11 thoughts on “Four Dials LED Watch Design

  1. This is a beautiful idea! The display is very cool. You always use 9 LEDs, that’s very nice. You don’t always need all 9 LEDs but I like it, it looks straight. The retro look of the four half circles is very stylish.

    I would have made a thicker strap (where the lock button is). The display is like 4,5 cm, the narrow strap region is like 2cm. Maybe 3 – 3,5cm look better, less bracelet-ish. The closing mechanism is very very clever! If you wouldn’t use a thin metal sheet with that big amount of holes, but a more solid and thicker piece of metal, it would look more precious.

    Well, very beautiful work! Some little discussible flaws 🙂 But my overall impression is good.


  2. Hello Sam, thank you for your comments I always read with great attention.
    Bracelets with holes already existed some time ago (maybe you were not born?), Drivers of sports car wore gloves with holes in the coup-de-fist, so the whole is consistent in my mind. From the design, I made a bracelet full, but the retro touch was not as strongly.
    These are projects and of course, they should tweak even further.
    You are Germans, very technical and precise (plus a great talent), to share me, I have more blood Latin, then? ah ah ah


  3. I’m german too 😀 The watch looks very sexy! Maybe it looks too retro for tokyoflash. I would buy the silver version!


  4. You’re German Aphosno? Good! I also have German blood by a grandmother. Wanting to buy one is already very nice, thank you.


  5. Avatara Goodnight, thank you for your comments relevant interest for me is to have a watch crazy, otherwise I would buy the watches supermarkets.


  6. Patrick, you always come up with very original shapes!
    I m still not sure about this one though.But I do like the 4 dials idea and the shape of those!
    Good job!


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