12-5-9 Bars Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Germany.

This watch design is made of horizontal bars that go all the way from the watch face to the straps.  The time is displayed in bright single-colored LEDs that extend to the sides of the watch face.

Time is in 12-5-9 format with the upper four bars divided into 3 blocks each to represent the hours.  10 minute groups are the middle three bars and the remaining three bars below representing single minutes.  It’s an easy read and the bright LED emanating from the whole block piece makes this simple-looking watch stand out.

21 thoughts on “12-5-9 Bars Watch Design

  1. My compliments on this design. It is one of the few in my opinion that has no real bad points. I really like the originality of the ‘time bars’ and how they curve down the side. I like a lot how the time is obscure and yet easy to read and it looks futuristic. I like the strap as well, goes perfectly with the face. Button location is also good and does not ruin the lines of the watch. I see this in either aluminium or perhaps stainless steel, plastic would make it look cheap. The blue and red options are very good and could even be extended to have other colours like green or yellow. Overall I rate this as 10 out of 10.


  2. I really love it, though more colors would be nice, time bars and futuristic look is awesome, but needs a black and green.


  3. Wow, great design, Laszlo! I’ve been meaning to pick up the Denshoku for a while now, but if this watch was on sale right now I think I would have a very hard choice to make! My only suggestion would be to swap the second and third x10 Minutes lines for increased symmetry in the layout. This would mean that the 30-minute indicator (instead of the 50) would have the row all to itself, giving it increased visual emphasis and potentially making it quicker to determine whether the time is before or after the half-hour mark.

    Other than that, I can find no fault with this design and I hope it gets produced ASAP!


  4. Hi Laszlo a very nice variation on the Denshoku design which is one of best sellers. This design seems even more dynamic and love the raised integrated lens. You name often gets mentioned in the office here. Keep up the great work your designs seem very popular!


    Tokyoflash Japan Design Studio


  5. If the top row of the hours were 2 instead of three, you could have 12h/24h modes. Top two first number of hours (x10), lower nine for the second number of the hours (x10). That would also fall in line with the minutes. Now make it as flat as possible and I might get interested.


  6. It is great indeed! But to similar concept with the denshoku watch I think.
    What would be the animation on this watch? 🙂 I would love to see that Laszlo!


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