LED Bricks Watch Concept

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Here is another Twelve 5-9 clone watch design.  The whole face of the watch is segmented into square and rectangle blocks, each representing the time.

Upper section is divided into twelve parts with each block representing single hours.  Lower left five blocks represent 10 minutes group, and right nine blocks show single minutes.  Just add up all the lit blocks and you’ll get the current time.

10 thoughts on “LED Bricks Watch Concept

  1. Oh I would buy that. I like this one more than your older LCD watches. You know, I prefer reading instead of counting, but here I like it. The case and the straps look very good to me. 5 stars yes!


  2. Oh yes, 5 Stars and would buy! Simple to read and I love the case. Feels a little Tetris-like. Love the color scheme too. Fantastic watch design.


  3. This one’s like a real blast from the past! Dune II, anyone? The blocks completely look like the platforms you were allowed to construct buildings on.


  4. One of the more beautiful watch on this blog! I believe the strap is really part of the awesomeness!
    Really really good work here!
    I would by that!


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