Two Point View LED Watch

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Press the button, turn your wrist is all it takes to read the digital time from this interesting watch design.

The watch face is designed so it does not have a flat surface like regular watches.  The face is aligned with prism shaped glass/plastic material that reflects the time in LED.  Hour in digits is shown when the watch is tilted downwards and the minutes, when tilted upwards.

18 thoughts on “Two Point View LED Watch

  1. Laslo, I give it 5 stars. Awesome watch.

    Dear TF, Laslo is from Hungaria.

    Laslo, what software did you use for develop it ? I have some ideeas in my mind, I made them in google sckech-up, but it looks bad. Can you vine me a hint about some free tool good enough for make beautiful renderings ?



    • You asked Laszlo, but I am online right now 🙂 “Blender” is a free 3D program with a good renderer (the component wich makes realistic images). But Gabriel, you should google for SketchUp images and learn how to make them. You can make cool images with SketchUp. There is also a “V-Ray” plug-in for this program so you can make realistic images too. But I don’t use it, so I cannot say how much you need to try. But really, the cartoon look of sketch-up is not bad. Not realistic but if your idea is good, people will see it. Look at Heathers submissions. She has super ideas and is not afraid to show them even if she cannot do it realistic. Give it a try Gabriel 🙂


      • I did it in google sketchup, but it looks more like cartoon, and I cannot find some option to put leds which can show the light. I need a realistic tool to make it. Thanks for answer.


      • Vray rendering on sketchup looks like cartoon? 😮 though i don’t design watches, but i recommend 3DsMax+Vray+Photoshop, gorgeous combination! btw if you master Photoshop, everything can be realistic haha~ (i made a little experiment by using this combination 😀 “”)


  2. Oh please Laszlo, make this watch left-right and not up-down. I tried such an idea and figured out, that I cannot turn my arm to look from the upper view angle. About 5° is the best I can, you need about 45°. When you make it left-right you can have -45° until +45°. If you have the same impression, please please build the left-right version, I would buy it! It is a brilliant idea and needs to be produced!

    Hey people, vote up!


  3. really nice one Lazslo!
    I wonder if it would work with bigger angles on the different face on the display. Just to make the lens a bit more flat. But really I m not even sure my comments is important. It seems good as it is!


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