RetroSynth LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Adwin from The Netherlands.

Adwin says he I likes old synthesizers and computers so this was the inspiration for his design. The time is displayed in three stages: the red circle on the left shows hour blocks 1-12 and the green circle on the right shows 10 minute blocks and then single minutes.

A design with character, definitely. It reminds us of a retro-console and the overall shape is fun and interesting. The color scheme and buttons located on the front add a little something different too.

Could you see this design on your wrist? Give Adwin some feedback on his design and let him know what you think.

5 thoughts on “RetroSynth LED Watch Design

  1. Retro, funky, cool! I like the concept and the fun shape. Not an every day design but definitely something cool for a party. Love the look.


  2. This one looks cool. The two circles are gOOd, the 45° angle is nice but makes the watch a little clunky. Somehow the button area looks too empty for me. If it would have the case material and wouldnt be plunged (i’m not sure about this word 🙂 ), it would look a little less cheap. Anyway, this is a nice funny watch wich might find its fans. Good work!


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