Locked Up Handcuffs Watch Design

Design submitted by Juan from the USA.

To tell the time on Juan’s handcuff design, just count the blue diamonds. The red diamonds are there ones simply to make it easier to read the time faster. The hours is the first group of diamonds and the minutes are the other 6 groups. Juan says that this is for “cool people who are not afraid to stand out.”

Certainly a different design and the time display is clever in that the diamonds are grouped in a manner that makes the time easy to read. Is it possible to create this design though, with limited space for a battery. This would need some careful thought. Could you see yourself wearing this concept. Let Juan know what you think about his design.

5 thoughts on “Locked Up Handcuffs Watch Design

  1. Oh that’s funny 😀 I really would like to see it realistically rendered because I think this could look stylish actually. I like the re-use aspect of this design, that’s a perfect recycling example. I would prefer rectangular LEDs insead of these diamonds. Somethig like 4mm by 1mm. Just imagine someone having a handcuff on the wrist – thats a cool situation wich provokes communication wich is one of the strengths of Tokyo Flash watches. But no matter how manly you look, this looks like a bracelett on your arm, so I think this is for the cheeky ladies out there 😀


  2. haha! So fun Juan!
    It would be even more fun if there would be a little bit of a chain attach on it and it would be like it has been cutted by an hacksaw!!


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