Skyline LED Watch Concept

Design submitted by Patrick from France.

Patrick’s latest concept has “a futuristic shape and is for all those who love metal LED watch designs. The horizontal line of red LEDs is homage to the rising sun image.”

A design with a definite science fiction emotion within and a futuristic vibe. The time is quite simple to read but the number of LEDs used is minimal creating a very simple bracelet style design that isn’t too overpowering.

Patrick has rendered 2 versions here; black with multi colored LEDs and sand blasted silver with blue LEDs. There would be a subtle animation before the time is displayed.

9 thoughts on “Skyline LED Watch Concept

  1. Oh thats a fashionable bracelet watch. I believe the x10 minute LEDs are missing in the main image. Besides I’m not a big fan of the time reading, I must say this watch looks really good. Yet another controversial watch for me – style: yes yes, time reading: maybe 🙂 Imaginable watch Patrick!

    ps.: I really like your explanation images.


  2. Hi Sam, all minutes are red LEDs, minutes “x10” (row of 5 red LEDs) are below the minute “x1” (row 9 LED lights).
    Thank you for your interest in my ideas virtual.
    Your designs watches me to stay humble, it is true that design matters to me more than the art of reading?


  3. German and french guy talking english 🙂

    If you care more about design than about the reading, it is okay. If the design is good, I could life with a difficult reading. But that is rare. Franchement, ta montre en metal est assez chic.


  4. Yes Sam
    My English is the result of Google and I can even understand Japanese.
    Tokyoflash is kind enough to publish my ideas, which are not as innovative as yours. Try to design watches is exciting, even if I am in fact originates from the land of watches and chocolate ah ah ah.


  5. Really nice design. Fururist, yet normal-looking if someone only took a quick glance at your wrist (a really quick glance lol). A sure buy for me!!!


  6. That’s an interesting concept Patrick!
    The actual face of the watch might be a little blank to me. A bit more details, Even increase a bit the LEDs light would be great!
    Keep it up the good work!!


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