Watch Design in Symmetry

Design submitted by Logan from the USA.

This design is inspired by Kisai Denshoku watch, but with the red pieces running vertical and the time shown all at once.

Symmetry is the key to reading this watch.  There are three red semi-transparent pieces protruding from the watch face, similar to the Denshoku watch so it looks great even when off.  Yellow LEDs are below these pieces, shining through them.  12 LEDs in the middle column count the hours, with a gap in the center.  5 LEDs in the left column and 9 in the right column count the tens of minutes and single minutes, but with no gaps.  The gap in the hour column is used as a point of reference to help count the tens and single minutes.  This, combined with the symmetric layout of the LEDs in each column, makes the time easy to read.

Logan says that perhaps this could satisfy the craving for Denshoku style after it is gone.  This watch has a strong style even when the LEDs are off.  It’s also a style that, because of its minimalism (black with three red stripes), can be worn with many outfits as an everyday watch.

6 thoughts on “Watch Design in Symmetry

  1. This is another good one – Simple and sophisticated, yet unique in it’s nature as well. Logan’s done a great job on this one, if you ask me! >:-)


  2. Yes, it looks like Logan is one of the greatest designers. I like the ideea, and the case and the strap looks like a whole concept togheter.


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