Watch Concept with Round Bars

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

This stylish watch shows time with three vertical rounded bars which move up or down.  The first bar shows the hours, the second bar shows 10 minute group and the third bar shows single minutes.

The shown time depends on the position of those bars.  The watch glass has a decent marking for each bar position and helps you in reading the time.

The case is made of matte plastic and blends into the straps.  The strap locking mechanism is made of two plugs which have to be pressed through two holes – easy but safe.

This watch design will look good in screaming colors as well as in black or white.

12 thoughts on “Watch Concept with Round Bars

  1. I like this design very much. It is very sleek and would look good in a range of colors. The clasp is deal breaker, though. This kind of clasp wears out overtime and you could end up losing it.


  2. @ Meri: Thanks for your thoughts! Clasp… new word for me 🙂 I just checked. Yeah maybe you’re right. I’m idealistic and confident there is a material wich can do it. Well case and straps are seperate ideas. I liked to make something simple wich I haven’t done before. There would have to be some research for the clasp (time and money consuming of course, tehehe)

    @ fabianQ: Muchas gracias!

    @ Thanks to you too :3 Maybe I try a metal version – I imagine it looks more precious. Plastic can look cheap, I have the feeling.


  3. This blog is awesome, I love it. Another great design. I particularly like the way the strap works and the smooth but simple to understand display. Good stuff!


    • Oh yes, this blog is a cool collection of designs. I asked, if Tokyo Flash makes a book about it (including the creation of a watch they take frome here). Maybe…

      Thanks for your comment. I like the way you think, tehehe.


  4. This design caught my eye, worth commenting on. I like the way the display flows and the case and strap work perfect with the display. Reminds me of some ODM watch designs, but much better. You have good design sense my friend.


  5. Oh I must have overseen this Sam! I wonder why, because this one actually can’t be overseen. I really can imagine myself wearing that screaming blue version. The strap idea, I think this could actually work if you find the right materials. The idea fits to the round and smooth design. I buy one.


  6. I think the plastic fit well with this king of display personnaly. I m just not quit sure the display is great so far… maybe the balance of it? or doing this progressing lines a different way?
    Anyway, I m being critical only because you did some great ones! 😉


    • 🙂 Thank for your honest words. The progressing is as follows: the outer bars come from down and move up, the mid one is vice versa. What it your question? I’m not sure.


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