“Eye”-catching Watch Concept

Design submitted by Jeanne from the USA.

Jeanne has taken the concept of the eye which is often used in cryptic languages and symbols to create this unique watch design.

The watch is atomic battery-powered with a face in the form of an eye divided into 3 LED sections, telling the hour, every 10 minutes, and every 9 minutes.  The eye color can also be changed.  The band choice is either a black rubber band or a reflective, glass-like, hard plastic bangle.

The time is cryptic-looking yet very simple.  The color changing option will make it fun and also personal to the owner.

6 thoughts on ““Eye”-catching Watch Concept

  1. I am actually really fond of this concept design. I’m not sure why but the color scheme and simple display appeal to me. Not sure about the “eye” theme, although it does look like a cat’s eye. This might be appealing to women if it was dainty enough. Nice effort.


  2. I really like this concept, is both simple and it looks cool, the way the colors change according the time is pretty neat too. If you associate the colors with the time you could tell the time even faster than with a regular watch hehe. In my opinion its very creative.


  3. (|)_(|) New way to tell time, yay! Nice idea. Not too hard to read. The color shades are chosen wisely. The eye topic looks ok to me. But somehow the round shape does not go well together with the divisions… but I don’t have a better one in mind right now 😉 You know what would be cool – if the eye blinks once in a minute :O


  4. It s like a snake eyes no? I would recommend a snake skin strap to match the design! (fake one avoid having trouble with greenpeace or wwf! 😉 )


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