A Minimalist LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Patrick from France.

The aim of this design is to maximise simplicity. With an aluminum block and LEDs aligned in a simple manner, the time can be read without any complicated calculations. Ideal for women and men who loving pure lines.

Patrick says “I’ve never seen a watch with the concept as “sober”, which, however, shows time, date and day, a very simple way.”

4 thoughts on “A Minimalist LED Watch Design

  1. Oh nice, a single aluminium block! No buttons? Cool 🙂 Display looks nice. It’s a little hard to read the time. Maybe you regroup the LEDs, like top half for hours and bottom half for minutes or something, so your eyes do not have to travel such a long way. Matter of taste and brainpower of course, tehehe.

    Make the time telling more… simple, then the minimalistic theme is perfect. Would go fine with the current Tokyo Flash catalog.


  2. I need to long to read this. Nice idea with the case-push. With integrated leds it would look more minimalistic. Nice job. Not totally new but nice.


  3. I really love this minimal LED watch. It is a bit like 1000100101 watch. Just a bloc of metal, some LEDs and you ve got a watch!!! Great!! (I agree with Aphosno about the way to read the time on it though…)


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