An LCD Watch Design For Squares

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

A simple time way to read the time, integrated into a simple case design. Laszlo suggests this design would use OLED to display the time but could alternatively use LCD blocks and then, like the Tokyoflash Rogue watch, could light up to highlight the time in green as on the example picture.Let us know how you feel about this concept design. Would you like to see this one come to life? What would you change and why?

5 thoughts on “An LCD Watch Design For Squares

  1. Nice display. The best of yours in my opinion. It is a bit intuitive since you can refer to an analog watch. Case and straps are ok, when I can have this cool display.


  2. I like the seconds display. I like the whole thing. This would look cool in e-paper. I hope Tokyoflash will make one of Laszlo’s watches come to life.


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