Fast Food in LED Watch

Design submitted by Anna from Australia.

Anna came up with this idea when thinking about popular culture and icons which represent current times.  Whether positively or negatively, fast food seems to affect most people and seems to have become a mainstay in everyone’s lives.

Each layer of the hamburger represents hours, each ring around the drink cup represents 10 minute increments and finally, each french fry represents the minutes.

The appeal of this watch will be vast as the design is based on an easily identifiable image of popular culture.  It could also be used for a marketing campaign for fast food corporations.

8 thoughts on “Fast Food in LED Watch

  1. This just shows you how creative you can be with time. You don’t need mathematical equations or complex layouts, just a simple fun image and the time can be incorporated within.

    I figure this would have a colour silkscreen lens with LEDs under each section of time. It would work a treat. I think the display could have a bit more though, it seems empty apart from the food. Maybe even just a fun pop-art background behind the meal.

    I do think this is fun and quirky but you’d never catch me wearing a watch like this.


  2. 笑笑笑!!なんか気の抜けたようなハンバーガーの絵がなんともイイ味出してますね。スタイリッシュなファッションにあえて合わせたらクールかも。あと、ビビットなレッドのケースがイイです。こんだけ鮮やかだと、ためらいがなくていいですね。


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