Kaleidoscope Watch Concept

Design submitted by Andy from Ukraine.

Andy was looking on different ethnic patterns and images that create a kaleidoscope and got the idea that stencil can be structured in a chaotic image on the LED display that could create an image of a set of points.

Beneath the surface of the kaleidoscope-inspired exterior, time is displayed in clear digits and can be read by simply sliding the lid from top to bottom.

6 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope Watch Concept

  1. Cool, very cool indeed. Like your thinking here Andy. Not sure i’d want to slide the shutter down every time I want to read the time but it could be left down. I like that there’s a part you can move. I like the way the strap meets the case too. I think the overall case and strap is really my taste.


  2. おもしろいアイデアですね!表示の部分がもっと数字がわからないぐらいのかんじに見えたらもっといいと思います。カバーを降ろしたときにワッて驚きがほしいから。


  3. Wow!!! I love the style of it!
    It a shame we need to move the kaleidoscope by hand to see the time. Can t it works by shaking the hand or something like that? It would be neat!


  4. I would buy it. Thats a cool new way to handle time. It looks artistic. An electric solution for the shutter movement would be too great!


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