“Z” LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Heather from the USA.

Heather designed a ladies watch that would look sexy, stylish, and feminine whether displaying the time or not.  The watch resembles a simple zebra print bracelet when time is not displayed.  The black and white is good for everyday use because it goes with almost everything.

The time display is in 3 feminine colors, one for hours, one for groups of 10 minutes, and one for single minutes.  The different colors help with the readability of the display.

8 thoughts on ““Z” LED Watch Design

  1. Hey what a cool way to tell time! I like the 5-minutes-LED and the 6-hours-LED. Very clever! The Zebra look is not my taste but I must say it is just consequent. Girls might like it 😀 Cool watch name, cool strap pattern, cool LED colors, clever time telling.

    Try to make a higher resolution of your mesh, well try to improve your presentation. I’m afraid the current style might avoid people to give you the rating you deserve.

    Good work Heather.


    • Thank you for your comments! I appreciate your advice – the problem is – I’m really not a graphic designer, so I don’t know how to use the software to make my designs come to life. I’ve got great ideas, but difficulty illustrating them..

      Thanks again. 😀


  2. Hey Heather, this is really cool, well done! I wouldn’t personally wear it but i’m sure girls might like it. The way the LEDs are camouflaged into the zebra pattern is subtle and nice. Not geeky, more fashionable.

    What material would you envisage the band being made of, metal or plastic or leather? Would the pattern be printed?


    • Thank you! I was thinking it would be white plastic with the black design printed on it. It gives off kind of an 80’s vibe, which is coming back. 😉


  3. Shimmering in the tinsel world of fashion is just as important as keeping up pace with the time. The “Z LED Watch” is dedicated to the ladies who always look out for perfection. Designed by Heather, the watch is more on like an accessory than a timepiece. Sexy and stylish, the watch grabs attention whether it is used as a timepiece or as an ornament. The zebra print on the bracelet goes testking ccie with any outfit, and the colorful time display synergy for an overall harmonious effect. The three feminine colors for hours, for groups of 10 minutes and for single minutes makes the time easy to read. This is sure to add a jewel to your watch collection.


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