All Arrows LED Watch Concept

Design submitted by Juan from the USA.

There is no need to add or do math with this watch design.  All you need to know is that blue arrow points to the first digit, followed by red, yellow, and green.  Date follows the same pattern – two digits for the month and another two for the day.

Once you familiarize yourself with the colors, you will be able to tell time in a second.

7 thoughts on “All Arrows LED Watch Concept

  1. Oh cool thing! Metal plate with cut out numbers? Nice nice! Maybe it’s better to turn the numbers about 90° it would match the normal reading position of arm and head. The time on the watch is 12:55 right? Maybe double lock strap is too hard to handle, but its nice. I like the time reading (and not counting) idea and you have found a cool way to make it. It looks a bit confusing at first glance (good point) but its easy to read (goooood point). Buyworthy imho.


  2. Yeah, I think you’re right Samukun, should be 12:55. This is actually a pretty clever way to show time. You could arrange the numbers in any format as long as the four coloured arrows were there to direct you. I think the layout with lots of space in between is a bit plain and i’m not a big fan of the strap. I think there’s potential here!


  3. Ok that was me, Samukun the double lock strap its actually pretty easy to handle if both pins move at the same time. I actually have a watch with 3 and Avatara you’re right about the space between the numbers, I didn’t think about that. The strap is supposed to be carbon fiber with red stitching ,sorry I have very limited drawing and design options with the crappy software I use. I was hoping Tokyo flash designers could help me with a nice 3d design. 😦 P.S. yes it is 12:55 pretty easy right?


  4. 表示の方法はおもしろいと思いました。色の順番覚えられるかな〜。あと、矢印と数字の形をもっとカッコイイデザインにしてほしい。


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