LED Rays Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

As with Laslo’s previous submission of barcoded watch design, this concept can either be made in LED or e-paper.  It is a retouch of the classic Eleeno 1259 watch with display for seconds.

The lines on the right side represent hours (1-12), the left side lines represent minutes (1-9), and lower lines show 10 minutes group.  The center square lines show seconds.

An interesting and simple display that will surely stand out.

16 thoughts on “LED Rays Watch Design

  1. Looks very cool and would fit the current Tokyo Flash catalog. 12-5-9 in a real stylish way! I like the straps too. Totally buyworthy.


  2. I’m 100% a fan of Laszlo’s designs. They’re all to my liking! This one is a seller too. I like how simple it looks. I can imagine myself wearing it everyday and people envying me for my cool watch. 🙂


  3. シャープな感じでクールですね!ただ、時刻を表示する時(図の1時33分など)なんか歯抜けみたいになちゃって、パターンの見え方がきれいに見えません。


  4. I like the case, love the strap, and think the display looks cool… but I m not sure how easy it is to read the time on it. A very tiny little change to help that part and I would very much buy it!!


  5. I love this design. It would be a quick buy for me! Maybe offering an E-Ink version or a version where you can change the colors at your will could be a good idea (if possible of course).

    Great idea !


  6. Doesn’t look like a new concept to me. The rays pretend to be an analog watch but, not comes the new part, it is twelve five nine sytem. Wich isn’t new too I just realized. I like your 1259 square watch much more. It’s easier to read.


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