Interactive Memory Watch

Design Submitted by Heather Sable from USA.

I wanted to develop an idea for a fun interactive watch. Inspired by the game Simon, this watch tells you the time by lighting up colored buttons in a particular order. If you cannot tell the time by simply following the animated light display, you can play the memory game to display the time digitally. (or, if you give up, press a different button that automatically displays the time digitally.)

How to read the light display:
The display first lights up HOURS – one of the four buttons will light up 1, 2, or 3 times.
The middle button lights up to show it is moving to 5 MINUTE SECTIONS.
Again, one of the four buttons will light up 1, 2, or 3 times.
The middle button lights up once more to show it is moving to SINGLE MINUTES.
The red (UP) button lights up 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 times to display single minutes.
See TABLE for more details. People who like games would like this watch. It’s very interactive.

9 thoughts on “Interactive Memory Watch

  1. Simon says! Ya a retro 70s game on your wrist. Bring back the packman watch! A Tokyoflash Revised version with Pimp time built into it. Would be good for people in their late 30s early 40s to buy for their kids.


  2. Fun idea but looks rather complicated to me. Is there a way to make this easier to read while keeping the display the same as it is now? Maybe break the blocks into more units of time?


  3. I really like the design but as Paul said, it seems a bit complicated…
    What about:
    – Dividing the red and green sections in 6 for a total of 12 blocks being the “hour” blocks
    – Same principle for the blue and yellow sections that could be divided in 3:
    – Blue: 3 blocks of 15 minutes
    – Yellow:3 blocks of 5 minutes
    And finally either a number or 5 blocks or a proper number in the middle for the minutes.

    What do you think?

    Once again, I really like the “Simon” idea


    • Thanks for your comments. These ideas sound good for making the time easier to read, but it seems it would make the interactive memory game component no longer make sense.


  4. 難しすぎる!なんとか読み方は理解できたけど、これを覚えるのは大変じゃないですかね。


    • It is not actually meant for people to read the time with just the lights — possible, but not intended at all….play the game by repeating the light display in order, and then the time is displayed to read easily!!! I guess I wasn’t all that clear in my original explanation…


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