Reversible Watch Concept

Design submitted by Akinori from Japan.

This watch concept is designed to fit your day-to-day mood.  The whole watch is completely reversible – one side showing a full leather watch and solid metal steel for the reversed side.  Hours and minutes are shown in  liquid crystal displays on the sides of the watch face.  Time is displayed into blocks to be able to read time even in reversed mode.

On the hour side, hours are displayed 1 hour per block with one block indicating AM or PM.  On the minutes side, the screen is divided into lower and upper portions, one line indicating 10 minute group and the other, single minute group.

This design is mainly for men but with color variations it can also be an attractive timepiece for women.

8 thoughts on “Reversible Watch Concept

  1. I’m not sure what to make of this. I like the idea of the front “strap section” being reversible or interchangeable and I also like the idea of the LCD being on the side. Makes it more than a fashion bracelet than a watch. The colour of the leather chosen is a little bit obscure though. Would be much better with a crocodile effect matte black cover/strap. I like the metal side. There’s potential here. I’d like to see this developed.


  2. Interesting concept. One of my concerns would be reading the time. From the description, it would appear that you have to look at both sides of the watch to tell the time. Given its side-viewing style, that would be a bit awkward. Perhaps if the LEDs changed color for hours or minutes and you could view both on the same side (i.e. hours display in red for a few seconds and then minutes appear in blue for a few seconds so you get the whole time) with the push of a button.


  3. Toyko Flash should add a yellow “MAYBE” button. Maybe people aren’t willinng to imagine this watch improved and click no. But I think this watch could be trendy. Yes, some potential.

    The sideways time reading (at an angle of about 45°) and the time coding do not work fine together. I think, if you make just numbers, it’s better. Still a little complicated to read the time but the coolness factor would beat that.

    How about “just” normal numbers in two versions: one normally written, one upside down for each, hours and minutes. Then you still have a display wich lets people wonder, but you can read quickly. It has to be quick because you have to look at two displays.

    Or you use numbers wich automatically flip to the correct orientation (does not work, when you are hanging from a tree or when you are in space) that would really emphasize the flip motive, wich is really cool.

    (Akinori-san ha eigo wo wakarimasu to omoimasu)


  4. I like the shape behind this design a lot. Just need to see the time…well maybe not needed. Perhaps a 45 degree lens instead of it profiling out as it is. Looks good as is, but need to find a way to get at least a bit of practicality out of this design. Looks wise very nice, practicality lacking.


  5. Thank you for the contribution about the comment.
    I will always refer.

    My idea is very primitive.
    There are many problems in my idea as your point.

    I want to challenge the design of a new reversible watch that takes your opinion if there is a chance again.

    Thank you!!


  6. リバーシブルっていいアイデアですね!バンドの部分は赤と青のレザーみたいになってますが、例えばクロコとラバーの組み合わせとか、ぜんぜん違う素材を組み合わせたらもっとダイナミックに変化しておもしろいかも!


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