DUAL watch stylishly combines classic & contemporary time telling.

Design submitted by Jose from Spain.

Jose says: This idea came to me, inspired by classic watches of the fifteenth century, in which the hours were represented in Roman characters and a single hand marked the passage of time, so I thought maybe it could be interesting to develop a different concept starting from a model classic watch.

This is the origin of DUAL, a watch that invites the user to enjoy an experience which you can choose Roman or indoarabigos numerals, touch technology on the bezel to navigate the functions of the watch and an urban look that combines different finishes and materials (steel, silicone rubber, etc.).

Stand out particularly original way to present time with large Roman/Arabic numbers that appear to exceed the size of display, these numbers rotating -6 degrees every minute and full circle every hour. Accompanying this rotation the minutes elapsed in the outside line. It also incorporates, backlight, alarm, date and if necessary the AM/PM mode can be added.

Stylish, easy to read, its simple and technological look can appeal to a wide variety of public among which we can mention those interested for wearing unique pieces that go beyond the purpose for which they are designed (Tokyoflash fans),interested in fashion and new trends, interested in new technologies, lifestyle. So both men and women, according to the materials and finishes.

As usual, I really enjoyed preparing this project, I’d like it if you think worthy, and if you have time, your support and share it.

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DUAL watch stylishly combines classic & contemporary time telling., 4.6 out of 5 based on 176 ratings

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44 Responses to “DUAL watch stylishly combines classic & contemporary time telling.”

  1. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

    Very elegant design Jose. Well done. It makes me feel relaxed & smile just seeing this because it is so brilliantly simple and unique. Easily one of my favourite designs of all time, I hope it does really well. Best of luck!

    • avatar José says:

      Thank you very much Toky for add this concept to the blog.
      Your comment makes me feel great. I cross my fingers for DUAL come to reality :)

  2. avatar Pete says:

    Crikey thats one hell of an acolade from Toky, well done Jose! I would be pleased as punch with that comment! :D
    Very nice way of telling the time with Roman numerals! I like the fact you can also use regular digits too and it still looks cryptic. The images as per usual look fantastic! 5/Y Best of luck sir!

  3. avatar Patrick says:

    Hi Jose, an impeccable and original work.
    5 * / Yes, bravo!

  4. avatar Nev says:

    Another fantastic design, Jose. I thought BASIK was great, but this is even better.
    It’s hard to decide between the two types of hour numbers, as both look so good. Hopefully when TF produce this, they incorporate both into the watch allowing the user to decide which to choose (some days Roman numerals, some days normal digits). I say “when” because I am sure this will get added to the TF range, and it is definitely one I will want to add to my collection.
    Good luck and, of course, 5*/Y.

    • avatar José says:

      Thanks a lot for comment and suppot Nev.
      I hope your desire is fulfilled and we can enjoy this concept become reality :)

  5. avatar Lewis says:

    Beautiful design Jose, i love the face and the simplicity.

    i’d personally go a step further with the simplicity of the strap/casing. the face is striking enough to hold its own. would be nice to see this really thin and slender with a leather strap like the new moto 360.

    nice detailing though and epic presentation!


  6. avatar xian says:

    Beautiful renderings as usual, Jose! I only question with the rotating numbers how clear it is distinguishing say 6 from 9 or IX from XI, other than most people’s schedules make it easy to guess within a couple hours of accuracy.

    • avatar xian says:

      I guess it’s obvious from the number of tick marks displayed.

      • avatar José says:

        You’re right, marks the minutes will clearly indicate if the number shown on the display is a 9/6 or IX / XI.
        Thank you very much for your comment and your support Xian :)

  7. avatar the black says:

    Hi, this is really a beautiful, simple and elegant watch with a very novesoa conception. I like.

  8. avatar sophie says:

    Espectacular…cada vez te superas …este.modelo m encanta!!! Tiene un aire matematico… muchas felicidades

  9. avatar Sofía says:

    Que diseñó más original. Me parece un modelo muy chulo

  10. avatar dzign555 says:

    Awesome! 5y

    • avatar Jose says:

      Thank you very much for support dzign555
      Thank you very much for being part of the history of this project :)

  11. avatar Justin says:

    Lovely design, very simple yet effective. Great renderings, I’m jealous lol

    • avatar Jose says:

      Thank you very much for your comment and support Justin.
      Your renderings are very striking too :)

  12. avatar Eusebio says:

    Great design, seems like a great watch. I would buy if I were in the market.

    • avatar Jose says:

      Thank you very much for support the DUAL project.
      I’m so glad you like the design. Thank you very much for your kind words.
      Regards :)

  13. avatar Galy says:

    Me gusta, es mas me recuerda el Tourbillon de Galy, reloj que con tan solo una sola aguja, marca horas y minutos, también inspirado en los primeros relojes de una sola aguja.

    • avatar Jose says:

      Muchas gracias Galy, me gustaría ver ese Tourbillón.
      Gracias por tu participación en el proyecto :)

  14. avatar Juan says:

    Diseño simple, fácil, elegante y moderno. Un estilo especial para una persona especial. Lo quiero si o si… Si TF sabe lo que hace lo tendré en mi muñeca!

  15. avatar juniorjunior says:

    Very good job!!!

  16. avatar Samukun says:

    Brilliantly simple and unique – I agree with Toky :) Stylish display, has a graphical appeal. Cool watch geometry, also a bit classy, a bit new. Good luck Jose!!

    • avatar Jose says:

      Thank you very much for your comment and support master Sam
      Thank you very much for being part of the history of DUAL project :)

  17. avatar David says:

    Awesome watch!!!

  18. avatar zoe says:

    But do you where do you get your design ideas? It’s great, simple and elegant. Modern and keeping classical forms. I love the yellow. a pleasure to behold.

    • avatar Jose says:

      Thank you very much for your comment, you’re very kind Zoe
      Thanks for your support the DUAL project. :)

  19. avatar nroslinero says:

    Amazing design, Jose. It´s simple and elegant but at the same time it´s very original and very elegant. I love also de colors you have chosen. I definitely would buy it.

  20. avatar bego beceiro says:

    Eres un crack q no dejas de sorprender.Mucha suerte.

  21. avatar gordon says:

    sorry to chime in late but this watch is on my favorite list!!!

  22. avatar Jose says:

    Thank you all for your kind words, comments, suggestions and support.
    Thanks Toky for posting this concept.
    This time has been for me one of the most exciting.
    See you on the next project, until then enjoy life. :)