SHIELD watch designed for super heroes!

Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: This design is a back to basics analogue watch inspired by the shield of “Captain America” from popular comics and film, hence the name “Shield”. The main body of the watch looks like it was turned on a lathe or spun out of sheet material, with contrasting finishes.

The time telling is conventional analogue, utilising a regular movement and watch hands or discs. The lens of the display is clad with matching metal veneers leaving two narrow display “grooves”. The hands or discs can be seen through the grooves giving a futuristic look but easily recognisable time telling. The watch would feature an EL backlight for night-time use or dramatic effect.

This design has a sleek industrial look that should have mass appeal. The super-hero inspiration should attract the comic lovers and more geeky amongst us.

The proportions should suite both sexes.

The conventional time telling combined with futuristic hero looks help this design stand out from others.

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SHIELD watch designed for super heroes!, 4.3 out of 5 based on 133 ratings

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47 Responses to “SHIELD watch designed for super heroes!”

  1. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

    Beautiful! 5***** from me. Love the carbon inlay.

    • avatar Pete says:

      Yay! Thanks a lot Toky for adding this design to the blog! And a bigger thanks for the great comment! You can’t beat a bit of carbon! ;)

  2. avatar dzign555 says:

    Love the red, silver and blue one. This is an awesome design!!

  3. avatar GaijinTengu says:

    GREAT!! I love it! Take my money!!!

  4. avatar Nev says:

    Never been a fan of Captain America, so don’t like the red, white and blue version, but it looks great with the other colours, so I’d go for one of those.

    • avatar Pete says:

      Hi Nev,
      I figured it best to do a few colour variations (I’m there are plenty more possibilities too) because not everyone will like the most literal version. I’m glad you like the alternate colour combos! Cheers for the feedback sir! :D

  5. avatar Patrick says:

    Hi Pete, still a watch in production?
    5*/Yes, yes!

  6. avatar Mike Laitz says:

    It’d be nice to see a third ring for seconds, seeing as there’s already a third disc around the minutes. Is the middle supposed to be a button? It’d be cool to see it activate illumination. Lastly how is the band going to work? It looks like a solid ring in the pictures. Other than that I really like the design, it just left some issues unaddressed.

    • avatar Pete says:

      Hi Mike, There is no reason a seconds disc couldnt be added.
      I just went with the simplest option for feasbility reaons. It would be cool if the centre of the display could be the illumination button. Again I imagine feasibility would dictate if this is doable. I worked on the premis that the face consists of a moulded lens claded with the metal/metal effect rings for simplicity.
      The band as I have it is half a rigid bangle mounted to a conventional rubber strap so it could be adjusted to suit the wearer.
      But it would be just as easy to make a metal linked strap with a very similar look and the links could have the alternative colours/finishes. I tend to keep these details pretty loose as TF would ultimately pick the best method of construction for them. Cheers for the feedback and suggestions sir! :D

  7. avatar Samukun says:

    You can turn anything into a watch concept, oh yes! Captain ‘murrica approves :D Nice ringsy look with the different materials! The carbon rocks!! Very wantable. 5*/Aye!

    • avatar Pete says:

      No arguments there, most things could be watchified! Inspiration is all around. The marvel characters do make great inspiration. So far I have managed to resist the urge to do an Iron Man one! lol
      Cheers for the likey and the vote sir! :D

  8. avatar redleanse says:

    oh, man… this watch is so awesome. all of them look great but my favorite one is the red, white and blue.
    i’ll deffenently buy it when it comes out 5*

  9. avatar xian says:

    Really like the red and blue renderings, Pete. I wish you’d give a modeling/rendering class online. Did you omit the star to avoid legal issues or personal taste? I say license this bad boy and go all the way. 5*/y!

    • avatar Pete says:

      Umm modelling class, does that involve a bikini and a lot of pouting? lol
      I’m not the modelling master here, there are plenty of submitters that have way more skillz than me.
      But I thank you for the compliment! :D If you get your self a copy of solid works there are built in tutorials which could teach you way more than me ;)
      Yeah I figured it best to not include the star, just in case it broached some kind of legality. Plus I keep getting told I’m too literal, dunno why that is! lol
      A licensed one would be pretty sweet, would make a nice addition to the portfolio.
      Cheers for the support sir! :D

  10. avatar Anbreen says:

    Peter, haven’t you even taken a bathroom break from posting designs?

    Me not so much for Comic-Con, but me LURVES me some inlaid bangle neon watch!

    • avatar Pete says:

      hehe yeah I make time for the nesesaries, luckily I don’t require much sleep. He says staring at the screen in a zombie like fashion! brains….braaaaiiinnns lol.
      I’m pretty speedy at knocking designs out to be fair and probably don’t spend as much time polishing designs as some of the other submitters. I figure that the looser the concept the more room for development, interpretation, improvement etc etc.
      I like the way you see the design, I’m glad it can appeal to the non marvel fans too! :D

  11. avatar Andrew Joy says:

    This is an excellent evolution of an analogue display wristwatch the only details I would like to see added to this concept the zero’s replaced a number bezel or perhaps a lettered Logo Bezel: SHEILD.

    • avatar Pete says:

      Thanks a lot Andrew!, yeah the markers could be numbers or logo related letters. They aren’t specifically 0′s at the moment just markers. So could be anything really as long as it looks right with the stylie :D

  12. avatar Dzigi says:

    Nice model Pete, great time telling. But I think that this type of design is much more suitable for women. That is not an offense, don’t get me wrong. If that was my design, next thing I would do is to try two tone combinations: purple ( mixed glossy and matt) and yellow for “hands” etc. And I think you should remove that cone from center. Somebody could fell asleep on his hand.. Cheers! :D

    • avatar Pete says:

      Hi Dzigi, I would describe this watch as unisex to be honest. I have more manly and industrial designs on the blog and I have more feminine designs too. I think most guys wouldn’t feel the design to be too girly for them. I think the colour combinations do make the difference tho. I like your purple recomendation, that sounds nice. I like that you are considering health and safety. I think the cone is subtle enough not to be a danger. A lot of ladies jewellery projects out further without causing to many injuries ;) cheers for the feedback sir! :D

    • avatar Anbreen says:

      Actually, I think a bronze or black one would look rather Roman gladiatoresque.

      And, who’s gonna call Captain America or Superman a girl?

  13. avatar Anbreen says:

    It looks like a bangle, rather than a watch. Can you just SEE people trying to read your watch, over your shoulder, only to find a jazzy bangle? I like the gray or black against silver. Can’t decide between textured or not inlay.

    • avatar Pete says:

      Yeah it could be worn as a piece of jewelry as well as a watch. This design does lend itself to a multitude of colours and finish combinations. I wouldn’t envy TF having to choose combinations if the design was made! ;)

  14. avatar inky says:

    dis i like

  15. avatar gordon says:

    i see i havn’t commented yet on this beautiful watch. Way to go Pete!!

  16. avatar Kevin says:

    Oh wow ! Hey Pete, you just made my head blow up !
    This watch is absolutely amazing ! I WANT IT !
    By the way, I’m French, so I hope it’ll be available in France :D

    • avatar Pete says:

      Hi Kevin,
      That’s great to here! I’m glad you like it! If this design should get sufficient support for TF to choose to make it into a real watch it will be to all via the website. TF deliver world wide and it only usually takes 3-5 days typically.
      Fingers crossed they make it a reality! Cheers :D

  17. avatar Anbreen says:

    BTW– Peter– looks like our black/black Blade is sold out!

    • avatar Pete says:

      Hi Anbreen, thats good news if thats the case (not for people who want that combination I guess) how can you tell?
      They usually show some blue text under the order colour selection box saying what colour combos might no longer be available. :D

      • avatar Anbreen says:

        Yeah, maybe I need to re-check, a little later. Shouldn’t post after a lot of shifts. Not sure WHAT I was looking at,

        BTW, you seem to be on a ROLL, with the designs, sir! ;-)

        • avatar Pete says:

          Hehe no worries, my life is a constant blur too! ;) I look forward to when they do start to sell out. Hopefully they will be that popular and warrant new colours/versions in the future. I don’t know if I am on a roll, it’s a subjective thing, thanks for the compliment! ;) I have another 10+ designs submitted so hopefully some of those will tickle peoples and TFs taste buds! :D

  18. avatar Makkovik says:

    I like the overall look, especially the last model. The time-telling is too conventional for me so I wouldn’t buy. ( You struggle with binary. I struggle with analog. )

    • avatar Pete says:

      hehe I certainly do struggle with binary! lol
      No worries Makko, we cant win everyone over. I went with conventional analogue as I figured it was the most feasible for this design. Cheers for the feedback sir! :D

      • avatar Makkovik says:

        Wait for my 2nd next model : binary inspired + math ( = algebra )

        It took me 2 weeks max to get used to binary, but I’m good at that kind of math.

        Angle calculation on analog watches without 60 markers is a different story. ( like Movado with 1 dot at 12 o’clock ) Or figuring where the hour hand would end if it was the same length as the minute hand. ( plus, when I was a kid, I was always forgetting which hand was what, except for the second )

        Here it’s kinda like the radars watches so it’s easier. & your Blade is also good since it only has 12 possible positions

  19. avatar Pete says:

    Time runs out for this one soon so all that’s left to do is say a big thanks to TF for posting it here and everyone who showed their support! Cheers everyone!
    Pete from the UK :D