Fahrenheit watch with shock absorbers!

Design submitted by Joel from the USA.

Joel says: Inspired by the suspension on race vehicles.  The colors were inspired by green fire engines and white heat.

Fahrenheit is a digital watch with a simple display.  The key design element is the sprung case, with micro shocks.  They may or may not be functional.

For Young adults, to fashion enthusiast. Fahrenheit stands out with a bright color scheme and exciting wrist mount.

9 thoughts on “Fahrenheit watch with shock absorbers!

  1. I like the looks, the technical aspect and the bright colour. Looks fun. For me I would like the screen/time display to be more unusual and ideally somehow related to the theme if possible. 5 stars for support 😀 best of luck and welcome to the blog! 😀


  2. I think you should keep neon colors and make a body transparent. Under the body you can add roll bar or springs or something like that. It will be more intresting. And my opinion is that you should make a different numeric system, because with this one, it looks kind a cheap. No hard feelings, it is only my opinion. Good luck! 😀


  3. Nice work Joel! This kind of design can have a lot of options, like really industrial look to it or the feeling of a suspension bridge. I can imagine the watch case is being supported by the strap. We have nothing like this to date.


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