Orbits e-paper watch graphs time in 3 dimensions.

Design submitted by Ignacio from Spain.

Ignacio says: I love drawing. One day, making circles with compass, I decided to design a watch where joining 3 points (time) drew a circle. And so did this design.

I considered doing another 2 designs, which would be a square and a triangle, with the same functioning.

My design has 3 lines of dots.

Each line represents one thing: the upper one marks the hours (0, 1, 2, … 11), the right one groups of five minutes (00, 05, 10, … 50, 55), and the left one singles minutes (0, 1, 2, 3, 4)

The circle formed through three of these points, displays the time.

Thought to be a LCD / E-Ink display, with a mirrored interface, a stainless steel and white acetate case and black strap, and LED backlight, this design inspires me to call it “Time makes it orbits”, a design to become a large watch, very attractive and flashy.

For anyone who loves big, flashy, artistic and functional watches. Not all watches can display the time with three dots and a circle that is constantly orbiting, besides its simplicity and beauty.

[UPDATE: An alternative version below]

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Orbits e-paper watch graphs time in 3 dimensions., 4.4 out of 5 based on 70 ratings

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23 Responses to “Orbits e-paper watch graphs time in 3 dimensions.”

  1. avatar Pete says:

    Very frest and works well. My only issues is that I would swapped the 10 mins and the unit mins around. Would be more intuative I think. Other than that looks great and unique. 5/Y best of luck! :D

    • avatar Pete says:

      Very fresh* (I have no idea how I managed that typo, the t key is no where near the h)

    • avatar Ignatius Reillius says:

      Hi Pete! Glad to see you over here.
      About the 10 and unit mins, I think this is the best option because it’s similar to the direction of clockwise, as “a natural move”, don’t know if you understand what I wanna say.
      Thanks so much! :D

      • avatar Pete says:

        The other way around seems more intuative to me but its a subjective thingy. I can see your logic with the clockwise thing and respect you sticking to your guns! ;)

  2. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

    I love this Ignacio; your graph concept is clever & yet the outlook is minimal. Well done!

    • avatar Ignatius Reillius says:

      Glad to see you like it, TokyoFlash team.
      I think this is my best design so far (I’m getting better I guess). I would further argue that if it’s not you who makes it real, I would seek a way to make one myself, for myself.
      Hope this design has a better ending.
      Thanks for adding it to the blog! :D

  3. avatar Samukun says:

    Very good usage of e-paper! Time telling works fine and looks nice. The watch also looks good. I wouldn’t add or remove anything, just buy it. 5*/YIPP :D

    • avatar Ignatius Reillius says:

      When I sent it, I was not sure what material would be used, so I suggested it was or LCD or e-paper.
      I guess LCD shall be too many fragments, pieces… so e-ink/paper should be the best option.

      Thanks for the vote! :D

  4. avatar Jose says:

    Good concept.
    Very clean and stylish.
    I Like it. You have my support. :)

    • avatar Ignatius Reillius says:

      And I accetp your support. Cant wait to see how this ends.
      Thanks for the vote and your comment! :D

  5. avatar dzign555 says:

    This is exactly my style! Beautiful – 5y

    • avatar Ignatius Reillius says:

      Thinking about it now… Not even I thought of a female version. :S Hope it looks unisex.
      Glad to see you like it! Thanks for the vote! :)

  6. avatar Jens says:

    Clean and cryptic without being too difficult – 5/Y

    Not much to add, but a couple of small suggestions to make it more intuative:

    1. I do agree with Petet to swap the positions of single/multiple minutes.
    2. Have the different scale marker on every 3rd hour and 15th minute

    • avatar Ignatius Reillius says:

      This is one of those cases that until you see it posted don’t see the mistakes or obvious. About point 2, agreed with every 3rd hour, but would it not be better every 10 minutes? It’s easier to count from 10 to 10 that from 15 to 15, isn’t?
      Here I leave you a design review. I would appreciate Tokyoflash team consider it as a possible improvement in the design.
      I modified the scoring for the number 0, uniting the three markers in one with circular shape. In the picture therefore would be 8:45

      Thanks for the vote! :D

      • avatar Jens says:

        The devil is in the details…

        The reviewed design is really good, much more intuative than the original.

        As you say “…until you see it posted don’t see the mistakes or obvious…”, I should (of course) have wrote “marker every 10th minute”, but you did the right thing and made your own conclusion from my suggestion. Correct thinking!

        Keep upp the good work.

  7. avatar Dana says:

    Totally love the idea and look of this watch. I had a little trouble at first reading the time, but I got it now! Nice work 5/Y

    • avatar Ignatius Reillius says:

      The first reading is always hard, but when you’ve seen it 2-3 times you can read it with no problems.
      Thanks so much again for the vote! :)

  8. avatar xian says:

    Well done, Ignacio! Wish I had thought of it :)

    • avatar Ignatius Reillius says:

      Great minds thinks alike. Just some sooner than others. :S Anyway, I think this blog could be used too to get inspired. You can take this idea and improve it, add more or better features… I do that when I draw, take someone’s style and add to it things of my own style.
      Thanks for the comment, xian! :)

  9. avatar José Carlos says:

    I love it, this concept gives me new hope in this website. It should be a concept to reality in near future.
    Congratulations for this amazing job Ignatius Reillius. 5* and YES, of course.

  10. avatar Krautesh Vakir says:

    Very clean and simple to read, love it 5/Y

  11. avatar Makkovik says:

    I like the overall look & the time-telling simplicity. At first, I thought that it was a 12-5-9. ( which would also be nice ) I like the updated pic with more scale markers. ( I like that the 5 min markers are at every 2nd and not every 3rd, like the hour, which help differentiate both )

    In the beginning, I thought that it would be better to have the minutes lines swapped but I realized that it’s going clockwise ( vs left-to-right reading ). Now I’m not sure which one is better.