Titanium watch uses circular digits.

Design submitted by Timur from Кyrgyzstan.

Timur says: Titanium watches designed in style futuristic modernity. Information display clock showing precise time, decorated with beautiful characters. At first sight the characters are seem odd, difficult to understand what time is it. However, after careful consideration it is becoming clear, that these characters are the numbers that display hours and minutes.  The numbers on the watch Titanium beautifully decorated by hemispherical arcs of regular shape. Radiance numbers on the black display gives a special charm to the overall mean hours.

Colour figures in the display can be changed in three variations, depending on the preferences of the clock owner. I offer the following options for colors: blue, green and white.

Design of digits on the Titanium watch display effectively emphasize the individuality and originality of this model.

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Titanium watch uses circular digits., 4.2 out of 5 based on 146 ratings

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82 Responses to “Titanium watch uses circular digits.”

  1. avatar Pete says:

    I would describe this design as evolution rather than revolution. The number (font) is very attractive and has a “Da vincian” look about it (and yeah I just made that up) The case design is attractive and looks like it would be very tactile. If I saw this in a shop I would buy it! 5/Y best of luck Timur! :D

    • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

      I agree Peter. We have seen several similar designs as far as the numbers go – so perhaps not groundbreaking – but what it does have is wide appeal. I think it would be easy for anyone to wear regardless of taste, yet still retains a touch of the unusual.
      I like the way Timur chose to make Titanium the material & a key feature – its something special in itself to say your watch is made from titanium.

    • avatar Timur says:


  2. avatar Firdaus public says:

    Firs impression I thought WOW King-san you upgraded your design further, but its just happen the design is from East-kun! Just ignore my teasing, BTW the watch looks so convincing to be bought, even the arrangement is just obvious, and the font is not new, I’d say I’m totally buying this if it ever happened. The overall watch, looking so classy and techy. Side note to TF if you are making this please don’t use leather strap. 5*

  3. avatar dzign555 says:

    This is the sort of design that really hits my buttons. Sleek, straight-forward concept. I would probably buy this anyway, but to easily get my $ I would want date and alarm – perhaps stop-watch, if possible. Sorry Firdy, like the leather – sick of hammering chinks out of my timepieces!

    5* from me.

    • avatar dzign555 says:

      On a not related topic, what’s this “GD Star Rating” that comes up when I post a message?

      • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

        its just the name of the plugin for voting stars – when the page is loading you might see the title of it & then it goes away – nothing to worry about.

  4. avatar mushy says:

    Looks very stylish Timur! The 1 and 7 are a bit weird, but I guess you’d get used to that. 5Y

  5. avatar Timur says:

    I’m so glad you like it. Thanks!!!

  6. avatar Samukun says:

    Elegant, stylish, beautiful, 5*/YES

  7. avatar Patrick says:

    Nice design! 5 * / Yes.

  8. avatar all says:

    super! beautiful! I want such hours. interestingly how many they will cost?

  9. avatar Timur says:


  10. avatar Cory says:

    First design I’ve voted on in more than a month, this is freaking awesome, Timur! My wedding ring is titanium, and it’s a beautiful material.

    The cool thing about titanium is that it’s an extremely strong material, but it scratches easily. So after a while of normal wear it has a character to it that other metals lack. My ring has all these minute scratches which make it look almost foggy, but still glimmers. On a watch this would be a brilliant look.


  11. avatar Toby says:

    Nice actual design, however maybe the strap wouldn’t be my first choice but overall a good design ;)

  12. avatar Сурат Жылкычиев says:

    Бул саатындын дизайны шумдук болуптур.! Отлично!

  13. avatar bakhakg says:

    Beautiful and sleek design. Wow!

  14. avatar asix says:



  15. avatar Erkin. says:

    super molodets!!!

  16. avatar alina says:

    Ben fatto Timur, buona fortuna e successo.

  17. avatar KAHAT. says:

    Тима брат у тебя есть будущее,от чистого сердца желаю удачи тебе.

  18. avatar KAHAT. says:

    TIMA brother, you’ve got the future of my heart I wish good luck to you.

  19. avatar KAHAT. says:

    TIMO fratello, hai il futuro del mio cuore auguro buona fortuna a voi.

  20. avatar Сурат Жылкычиев says:

    Тима, саатын дизайны жана абдан кылдат иштеп чыккан концепциян мага жакты. Сага ийгилик!!!

  21. avatar jakubai says:

    genius is great! in the future, all the clocks have to look like that, I personally liked the design of

  22. avatar Elvira says:

    good luck, Timur! very nice.

  23. avatar 4es says:

    Very Nice!

  24. avatar Cholpon says:

    It’s amazing. I’havent seen something like this before. The design is very original and sleek. So beautiful!!!
    Good luck!!!

  25. avatar Dilbar says:

    Desing is super!!!

  26. avatar Чинара says:

    Оригинальный дизайн!

  27. avatar aika says:


  28. avatar Aysi says:

    It’s fantastic!!!!!!

  29. avatar Aida says:


  30. avatar aza says:

    Wow, you see? I havent seen it in my dreams! This is the way of future, i liked it!

  31. avatar LP says:

    Класс, хочу такую!

  32. avatar Дакара says:

    Не плохо смотрятся)А цена какая?

  33. avatar M&M says:

    so ****!

  34. avatar Forest Gum says:

    Ээ АДАМДзат, эмнеге кана колу келбейт ээ, чиркин ц ц ц, соз жок, алкыштар, колун менен тен каары!

  35. avatar Casper says:

    HI TECH!!! Класс…

  36. avatar MD says:

    very interesting design, cool

  37. avatar Play Maker says:

    Unbelievable designe. I love it.

  38. avatar Rus says:

    Эн жакшы

  39. avatar Arsenii says:


  40. avatar Jazgul says:


  41. avatar Jazgul says:

    очень классные часы

  42. avatar Ainura Kasymova says:

    Good design. I really liked it.

  43. avatar Elmira Madieva says:


  44. avatar Jalyn says:

    The most luxurious design which I’ve seen!!!

  45. avatar dancho says:

    ooo cool.

  46. avatar alina says:

    Bravo Timur!!!

  47. avatar Fariza says:

    i like it!!!

  48. avatar nik says:

    I want such hours!!!!

  49. avatar Kairat D. says:

    Excellent design! I would like to buy this one, I guess Rolex nervously smoking in aside and other watches in the world:)) well done!!!

  50. avatar Nursultan says:

    Ha….At first, i kinda got blur looking at time and trying to figure out what time it showed (was quite tricky), but then i rolled down and everything was easy to understand…I kinda agree with the first comment that it is not a revolution it is more likely an evolution…I really liked the belt and idea using a titanium design, the weight always gives me some kind of pleasure giving its titanium design…Would love to buy one…..

  51. avatar Tima says:

    Awesome design, you are the best creature Timur, Best of luck!

  52. avatar Bermet says:

    Amazing! Grate and flesh idea! Like it very very much. Almost revolution!

  53. avatar sasindu says:

    when is that watch available for buy? its really cool

  54. avatar Manish says:

    good idea. great innovation :)

  55. avatar KAIRAT JUMA says:

    I like that watch because it looks really nice. It is awesome when you go to Party or somewhere special. I think it is good for its price and value, I am highly recommending it!!! #design, weight, price, value.

  56. avatar Lee says:

    Very good design, I wanna buy!!! well done!! good luck)))

  57. avatar Ro Ray says:

    Amazing! Super!! I should have such hours!!!

  58. avatar Danny says:

    super design!!!!

  59. avatar Aijan_honey@mail.ru says:

    I like design so much, have to buy one!

  60. avatar Bakyt says:

    Looks Great, and it’s titanium 5th star!!! Awesome… I would like to buy:)

  61. avatar Anonymous says:

    Woow ,,, i will buy it,, This titanium watch will suit with my titanium necklace )))
    I will 5+++ stars

  62. avatar Muhammad says:

    I would definitely buy this amazing design!!

  63. avatar Mr.Ulanable says:

    Woooooow This is Very Fifa Titanium watch, I wanna buy it ))))))

  64. avatar Kairat D. says:

    Yeaah man:)

  65. avatar Aziza says:

    Дизайн сонун экен!

  66. avatar Mamat says:

    Original design. Good idea. Tima впередь!

  67. avatar nazika says:

    klass!!! super!!! bellissimo!!!bravissimo!!!

  68. avatar Makkovik says:

    An amazing design. I would prefer leather wristband, because the case would stand out more. I love the way the number are made and displayed. Make a red display available and I would definitely buy. 5*

  69. avatar nazika says:

    klass!!! super!!! bellissimo!!! bravissimo!!!

  70. avatar shahboz says:

    I like the design, it’s awesome, i would like to buy this, just let me know when it’s going to make:)) 5 star from me dude:))