Time Bracelet – A Digital Watch Design Inspired By Leaves

Design submitted by Andy from the Ukraine.

Andy says: “My idea is based on a ribbon bracelet and the shape of women’s fashion jewelry. It also looks like 2 leaves from a tree. The design is in the shape of 2 independent electronic parts – 1 for hours telling and 2 for minutes telling. This design would be ideal for people who love original design, fashion, style and original ways of displaying time.”

This watch design appears to be more like a bracelet, which would make it suitable for both men and women. As Andy says, it was designed with jewelry in mind and that is really represented by the shape and style of the design. The time on this watch is displayed digitally with LEDs, but what makes it stand out is that the hours and minutes are on separate ends of the bangle. There are two variations of this watch design featured; black with blue LEDs and pink with blue LEDs.

Let Andy know how you feel about his latest concept.


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33 Responses to “Time Bracelet – A Digital Watch Design Inspired By Leaves”

  1. avatar Samukun says:

    Definitely a masterpiece! Well as a guy, I wouldn’t wear it :) But I like the design. Very fashionable! Very nice details. The blue LEDs are a little strange. Maybe white or red? No closing mechanism needed – great.

    I’m afraid there are not many females around here. So come on girls, here is a watch for you! And guys, behave ;)

  2. avatar Anders S says:

    Nice! Clean lines, well proportioned and stylish. I suspect the display might be a bit too traditional for the TF crowd, but as a whole I think it’s definately a solid concept. It’d be nice to see it in stainless steel as well…=)

    Oh, and the renderings are really very nice indeed! =)

  3. avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

    I like the bracelet design…your rendering is awesome dude xD

  4. avatar Cory says:

    I like this design, it’s a good feminine contrast to the malecentric designs that have been posted on the blog so far. Gorgeous rendering, superb display. I like!

  5. avatar Firdaus says:

    when art and fashion embrace, the result is masterpiece. nice design, especially for woman, epic rendering!

  6. avatar question mark says:

    Wow this is great. I would love to get this for my mom as a Mother’s Day present if it weren’t so close haha! I hope this does well because I could see this being successful with women or as gift from guys. I would definitely buy this for my lady friend

  7. avatar Lana says:

    I would definitely buy one. Looks very futuristic and elegant but when and if it comes out on the market it, have it include as many functions as possible and not just have it tell time. If it only did that it would be boring. Two thumbs up!

    • avatar Andy Kurovets says:

      The best functions on time-is a real emotion. Thanks for you comment, Lana

    • avatar R.Kyle says:

      Yes, looks futuristic and elegant. I will be great if it could also be an mp3 player . I am skinny girl so I also have slim wrist and wearing wrist watch only makes my arm thinner that’s why I don’t wear watch anymore. This is a good idea because I look fine in bracelet.

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      • avatar Andy Kurovets says:

        Dear R.Kyle! I’m also very skinny guy, but I use enough big watch! points of view depends of materials, shape of watches etc. Good luck, R.Kyle

  8. avatar zirio says:

    i believe in god since i saw that ! :)

    • avatar Andy Kurovets says:

      Everywhere and everything is made by God!!!! We must remember it! Thanks for you comment, Zirio!

  9. avatar just an onlooker says:

    kinda reminds me of the snake design in here. it’s somewhere in the back, but it definitely is the male version of this. it looks really cool!

  10. avatar Patrick says:

    Andy hello, your designs are not any more to judge, but to appreciate. You produced your famous ” G – spot – mouse” ?

    • avatar Andy Kurovets says:

      Helllo, Patrick!
      Thanks for you nice words about my design. Yes, I’m G-spot mouse creator. Now mouse is on development stage. We plan finish to realize it as a mass product in the next 2-3 months. Good luck!!!

  11. avatar Pete says:

    Too simple!

  12. avatar J-NOXXX says:

    I like this for my girlfriend !!! Simple, fashion, cool !!! look like a car !!!

  13. avatar Steffen says:

    I am sure you could find an enterprise to realize it as a branded accessories, like Porsche or fashion labels, with stylish people (or think they are stylish) as customers.
    It is not my taste but I am sure their is a high price market for it.

  14. avatar Firdaus says:

    Greeting! Andy, I am looking forward to do a collaboration work on a watch design with you. If you are interested feel free to roger me. I have an idea but due to respect to your idea as well so I decided to suggest a collaboration. Regards.

  15. avatar Nicola bruso says:

    You should do a Store only for this creation! Your bracelet clock s Amazing charming Bellissimo!I give My disposal in a nice place in Venezia Italy ! Thousends persons pass through there! Nice way to’ make know your marvellous art object.
    My name is Nicola

  16. avatar Jennifer says:

    Absolutely LOVE this design! Definitely hope it is considered!