A Ceramic Watch Design With Wooden Shutters

Design submitted by Boris from Russia.

Boris says: “I thought about an easy way to understand what time is it now and wanted to combine this with something like retro style. In this LED watch design, wooden plates indicate the hour, and lights inside open to indicate the minutes passed in the current hour. Colored dots and stripes refers to the time of day, so you can always tell whether it is day, night or evening.You can find out more on my website here. I think this watch design would be well suite to people who are interested in something new and want to look pretty good wearing this wrist watch design. The combination of materials: wood, ceramic, perforated leather; with analog still digital way of showing time makes this watch design different from any other.”


8 thoughts on “A Ceramic Watch Design With Wooden Shutters

  1. Wow, what a cool concept! I really like the shutters, this mechanical element gives the watch a nice flair. Outstanding! I would prefer a black version, but that’s just a color. Oh, but the time coded colors of the minute displays are great. The top image sais 10:55, the last one 3:24 right? Wonderful concept 5*/y

    And welcome to the blog, Boris!


  2. Outstanding! And there is already nice website for this design. It is written limited production is planned for near future? The concept is awesome, a bit complicated but comprehensive. Love the use and how the wooden plate used in the design. If I can hit 20*…. twinkle2 little star…. 🙂


  3. Please make it true, i want this watch, it’s the perfect combination between pure design and art !
    Please Tokyoflash, please make it, even if it cost a lot !!!! 😉


  4. I think this is very easy to tell the time on with some practice. Different colored straps would be nice.


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