Quarter – An Interesting Analog Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: “Quarter is an analog version of my “Baransu” watch design. The inner dial is indicates the hours and the outer dial indicates the minutes. Just add up the numbers in the 12 hours position and calculate the time.”

Just look along the 12 o’clock line to read the time. As the disc rotates, the black markers line up against the column of numbers. For the hours, add up the numbers with black markers against them, and this tells you the current hour. The same theory is applied to the minutes. This system makes for an interesting display pattern.

The case of this analog watch design is asymmetrical but round, which is quite rare and unique.


12 thoughts on “Quarter – An Interesting Analog Watch Design

  1. I like that you use 3/4 of the display this time. The black quarter is a nice contiuation of the straps. The blue ring is a good color accent. I liked your analog 12-5-9 watch more and the display of your binary analog watch. I think, if one combines all good things of these three “digital” analog watches, you have a wonderful watch, totally worth selling.


  2. Quite a clever idea in that the dial moves around to indicate the time, but i’m not a fan of the pattern nor the case shape, although it is very unusual.


  3. This watch reminds me a little bit of a piano roll, you know, the things that people put in pianos that can play themselves so it can play that song.


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