VIZIKLIK metronone watch helps you keep in time

Design submitted by Gary from Canada.

Gary says:  It is a wristwatch version of my patented iOS visual metronome, VIZIKLIK. See

VIZIKLIK uses my patented form of tempo display (US patent only; pat. #7368651) for vivid conveyance of tempo.


VIZIKLIK (Visual Click) is a metronome that is convenient for musicians as the beat is seen instead of being struggled to be heard (for drummers particularly). In addition, a metronome like this won’t “bleed” into microphones during quiet acoustic recordings.  It’s also very elegant and eye-catching.

Shown above is the watch in metronome mode, playing a tempo of 120 (accenting downbeats with the green bar– which is also used to tap a tempo).  And the  “01” is a preset number (user can store current tempo selection into a preset).

Another mode, of course, it will tell the time of day in some interesting ways- to be determined.

The best metronome is the one you actually have with you. Having it on your wrist would be the best possible way to make sure it’s conveniently “at hand”.  Also, if the watch is worn upside down on the wrist, then a cafe guitarist can see it for reference, to check their tempo silently, while playing.

I see endless possibilities with this simple setup.  The 2×2 simple main display offers lots of simple methods of displaying the high contrast squares.

Please let me know your feedback.

(By the way, the squares are designed as tappable buttons as well. Left side squares increment tempo preset up/down and right side squares increment tempo up/down).

I eagerly await your feedback on this watch idea!  I have more renderings if you are interested. I took a leap of faith and hired a freelancer to help me come up with these renderings, so I really hope you can see if there is an interest. A lot of creative people into high tech watches would likely be into making music as well.

3 thoughts on “VIZIKLIK metronone watch helps you keep in time

  1. Im not a musician myself so cant fully appreciate the concept. That said it seems very original and if the squares can also be used in the time telling then there is probably a niche market for this idea. Not my cup of tea but best of luck! 🙂


  2. Hi, Gary! I play electric guitar. I like the simplicity and the colors/design of your app. I’m not sure I would use something like a metronome watch, as I recently was concious of my wrist watch constraining my wrist too much when pressing strings to the fretboard. I can see how a drummer could use a visual metronome, but not on a wrist watch. Best of luck!


  3. I would use the squares only. For metronome mode and time mode and whatever the heard desires. You can have numbers (or anything else time telling) in these squares without losing the eye catching look. I like the idea of a musician supporting watch. The idea is cool. A watch with an extra purpose is tokyoflashy. I wouldn’t need it (like the alcohol testing watch) but it could find its clients. Good luck 🙂


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