Requiem: A watch from the Gothic side.

Design submitted by Firdaus from Malaysia.

Firdaus says: There are many skull inspired watches including luxury ones, most of them are mechanical analog watches. Skull art whilst may represent heavy and Gothic theme actually remind us of natural element of Life – Death. This is LCD watch design for Tokyoflash Japan, code named – Requiem.

The watch display is combination of analog and digital. There are two methods of time telling, both show hour, minute, second and date in one time. There are couple of special LEDs back-light positioned beneath the skull eyes to enhance the dramatic effect of the theme.

A part of my ‘Gothic’ series of design, this watch is dedicated to people who appreciate Gothic, punk, ‘Shinigami’ theme or perhaps ones who ever liked my Nirvana Horology watch design.

I tried my best to incorporate elements that proven to be makeable as product, and I believe the watch will look unique and cool in person if it ever been realized. A perfect combination of mystical element, technology and craftsmanship. Uncode the psalm, sing the time.

10 thoughts on “Requiem: A watch from the Gothic side.

  1. Those eyes. O.o It’s like they follow me around the room…

    Nice work there Fir, you’ve certainly done your inspirations proud, I’d say. Also, good to see an octagon as well! =)
    I imagine this going down very well with a certain group of people (of which I’m not quite one however), and should be quite make-able too. Good luck!

    PS. the ‘earrings’ are a fine detail…


  2. Im not a fan of Gothic products or that keen on skull like imagery, that said I can appreciate the look and fine design work here. The quality of the images is just awesome too, the images are practically photo quality. The time telling works very well too, but could be sligtly bigger/clearer. I imagine it would be difficult to read after a couple of beers having taken their toll on your eyes etc. Im nit-picking of course. In summary very very fine work if not nessicerily for me 5/Maybe ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. Great designs and awesome renderings. I can imagine time telling being quite difficult on this one and (for me at least) would need the instructions in my pocket for a while until I got used to the method.

    Not sure this is one for me sorry fir but nice designs nonetheless!


  4. Looks amazing.
    The LEDs in the eyes make reading that number very difficult, so I’d probably choose Option 2. It’s easier to read in the last image (which I think is the best colour combination anyway), so maybe different colours for the numbers and LED ‘eyes’ is best.
    As others have said, the earrings are a clever touch.
    Very impressive and 5*.


  5. Respect for the creativity and your imagination Firfir ๐Ÿ™‚ I wouldn’t wear this one but I see the cool parts. Pirate, edgy style, unusual but not to weird geometry, the rings! I think the numbers around the eyes aren’t good. I think two types of numbers should be enough. The numbers in the mouth an next to it are the best and they create a cool something that looks cryptic but cool. The presentation is fabulous again! Good luck Fir. I think your style will see the real world again sooner or later.


  6. I like the overall look (I like Gothic related things) I like the way the date is fully incorporated & always on. There’s one improvement I’d like to see: it could be L=H & R=M. ( “HH/MM” not “M/HH/M” ) OR invert H & M!


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