KODIGY watch with easy digital mode plus a secret code mode.

Design submitted by Jose from Spain.

Jose says: This new concept displayed to the user the time according to your choice: Code -by default- a simple alien key πŸ™‚ based on the known sequence 12-5-9 or if you prefer with numbers.

KODIGY changes the color of the screens from dark -AM- to -PM- clear, it may also indicate the date or warn if you wish, with an alarm.

Reading order is the same for numbers and code, its interpretation, is explained in the attached animation.

Different technological solutions can be used: LCD, TFT …according to energy savings intended, as well as different finishes and materials.

The potential for the development KODIGY is very high: animations, colors and other more advanced features including touch technology can evolve it to a smartwatch.

Stand out among other features, originality in the arrangement of the displays following a pattern of hexagonal mesh, sleek style, readability, its simple and technological look can appeal to a wide variety of public among which we can mention those interested for wearing unique pieces that go beyond the purpose for which they are designed (Tokyoflash fans), SciFi enthusiasts, interested in fashion and new trends, interested in new technologies, lifestyle.

So both men and women, according to the materials and finishes.

As usual, I really enjoyed preparing this project, I’d like it if you think worthy, and if you have time, your support and share it.

40 thoughts on “KODIGY watch with easy digital mode plus a secret code mode.

  1. Looks good, nice and fairly minimalistic design. Looks very futuristic and bound to grab attention. Good thing you have two ways to read it otherwise the cryptic version could prove difficult to read. Hope it gets made πŸ˜€ good luck!


  2. Very cool looking watch and fantastic renders and presentation as we have come to expect. Me loves a little hexy action! Now the only tricky decision for me to make would be having to choose between this and “honeycomb” fingers crossed one of them is deemed worthy of development 5/Y best of luck! πŸ˜€


    • hanks for the comment master. I would like to have hope that TF is interested in the concept. Maybe someday find a concept that could be interesting here. Best of luck for your design Honeycomb.
      Thank you for support, my friend πŸ™‚


  3. Your designs are fantastic, Jose. I love the chunky steel look about these watches, and the funky time-telling!



  4. Hi Jose, very beautiful watch with a multiplicity of choices of display of time, superb!
    I do not speak about splendid β€œrendering”.


    • Patrick, thank you very much for your kind comment and support.
      Glad you like the concept and presentation πŸ™‚


  5. A fresh-looking take on the classic hexagon…=) I really like how the black display segments ‘split’ the steel case in two.

    A good selection of display options too, by the looks of it.

    I suspect I’d go with the more classic numbers as the cryptic mode might be beyond me, but that could just be the sleep deprivation talking…=) Good luck!


  6. Hi there…a lovely looking watch and the renderings are jealously good!! lol

    Looks very sexy and futuristic and I’m glad there is an easy mode, although after a little practice the alien code mode is quite easy.

    5* Y


  7. Damn. That’s all I can start with, Jose. I want to see your portfolio. Pardon me while I pick up the pieces of my mind that you have blown all over the room. 5*/y!


    • I hope your mind keep it functioning well after assemble it again lol
      Thanks for your comment & Suport, Xian πŸ™‚


  8. Nicey nice!

    + the 4 hexagons, especially how they are placed
    + two reading modes
    + two different things going on in the hard mode: triangles and lines – diversion is fun
    + cool hexagon case and transition into the staps
    + generally clever lcd layout
    + cool colors and materials
    + those buttons
    + ohhhh so cool presentation *~*

    5*/YES/Good luck!


  9. Great looking watch Jose.
    Took me a while to get used to the code display, but then it was easy. I’d probably keep it in that mode.
    I prefer the dark display, so would be good to be able to select and stay the same throughout the day (I know whether it is AM or PM).
    Good luck and 5*/Y.


    • A good suggestion Nev, I’ll try to include it in an upcoming concept.
      Thank you very much for your comment and for your support πŸ™‚


  10. This designer has a special talent, a gift that makes him superior to the rest. It beats every day more and this new design is the fact that what I say is true. Thanks for existing.


    • A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….
      May the Force be with you Dani.
      Thank you very much for your comment and for your support πŸ™‚


  11. I like the idea/overall look. I like all the digits but I prefer the “alien key”.

    I like that the hour/month are divided in 2X6. I like the diversity between triangles & lines because it help to do a differentiation between the H/Mo & Min/D.

    However, I’d like to see 2 minors modification to the minute/day:

    – The 5×10 position could be rotated to be like an H & the reading would be: top-left > bottom-left > center (x2) > top-right > bottom-right.

    – The 9×1 reading could begin with what is currently the 2 & go clockwise.

    I would buy!


  12. Thanks TF for posting this one.
    Thanks TF for comment again after 2 years without a word, welcome to the blog.
    Well, now is the time to say thank you again to all who have given your time to vote and comment on this project.
    See you again.
    Until then enjoy.


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