Grid watch generates a triangular mesh of time.

Design submitted by Justin from the UK.

Justin says: As usual I doodle the numbers first, then simply mould the rest of the watch around them. I always set out with a specific technology in mind, E-paper, LCD, analogue…

This time I chose LED…I created…GRID!

Time is displayed using bold numbers, these numbers are made up of hours (left and top area) and minutes (bottom and right area).

When certain numbers are displayed they share central lines and this is where the cryptic part comes into play…see animations below for more details.

Hopefully many will like this design. Its range of colours, choice of straps, and ease of use will hopefully appeal to a broad spectrum of people. No matter your preference there should be some form of personal choice available with this watch enough to cater to all with a Sci-Fi fetish.

This watch stands out for many reasons, its bright and bold colours, the various (and many) animations possible with this LED configuration. Alarm modes both noisy and silent (flashing), calendar, 12/24 hour modes, a range of different colour PU straps both solid or transparent. Get GRID today!!

15 thoughts on “Grid watch generates a triangular mesh of time.

  1. Hey guys…

    Hope you like my new design & a massive thanks for TokyoFlash for putting on show for the world to see!!


  2. This looks cool Pelly, nice looking cryptic digits. Its cool that they merge into one multi-lined form.
    I think an easy mode would be a cool addition, maybe consisting of two colours to help with clarity when two digits share lines etc. Apart from that me likey, 5/Y best of luck sir! šŸ˜€


    • Cheers Pete thanks for your feedback. Great idea about the easy mode, a different colour on the central lines would be a welcome addition.


  3. Looks good and, once I’d got used to it, easy to read.
    I initially found the buttons having the same colours as the LEDs a bit confusing on some of the images (e.g. the 13:45 yellow where the line thickness looks the same), but I sure it would be more obvious on the real thing.
    Good luck and 5*/Y.


  4. Hi Nev cheers for taking the time to comment. Glad you like it. I guess the buttons could always be white or black, it’s not an important feature I guess, they were coloured that way coz I went abit crazy with the styling. šŸ™‚

    From now on my submissions will have a more polished look about them as this is the last one I made before I discovered decent rendering plug ins for SketchUp. But I digress…

    Thanks for your vote Nev, let’s hope the real thing sees the light of day. I would hope it’s sufficiently different to the Kisai X watch not to be deemed a clash in the market.


  5. Hi xian, I’m pretty sure if the watch was made then TF could create the digits by using this method and the overall look and style of the numbers would not be altered too much as to completely change the look I have here.


  6. Long time looker, first time poster…

    Gotta say I love this. I find it hard to read the really strange watches and prefer actual numbers. I know this isn’t in the true style of TF but I find this one gives the best of both worlds, puzzley yet easy!! Good job!


    • Glad you like it Debbie, I like the really weird watches but wanted to make something here that was easy but strange looking. Glad I accomplished that task .


  7. I like the overall look but find the reading too hard.

    I realized that it could be made as a 4 phases watches, by using the center for a square 7-segment, & use the side arrows as indicators (9, 12, 3 & 6 o’clock). The lines at the center of the arrows could be used for pm/alarm/date indicators. (I’d buy one)


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