PROTOCOL Smart Watch with retro pixel theme

Design submitted by Logan from the USA.

Logan says: With a case width of just 23.4 mm, this would be the world’s slimmest smartwatch.  The first image shows a comparison to the widths of existing popular smartwatches, which are much wider.  Even if other smartwatches might have greater app functionality, Tokyoflash could still attract significant interest from customers who do not like those bulky watches and prefer a narrower, sleek form.

Because the watch is so slim, the notifications are not all shown at the same time.  Instead, a scrolling animation cycles through the notifications (see second image).  The same type of scrolling animation is shown when the functions (music, photo, etc.) and sub-functions (volume up, play, etc.) are changed.

The watch uses a mixed positive and negative display.  At the beginning of each minute, the display is all negative; at the end of each minute, the display is all positive; in between, the display is mixed.  The display is 59 pixels high and the division between positive and negative sections advances each second.  This seconds animation shows that the watch is alive and makes it possible to display the seconds while still having large and very legible hours and minutes digits.  Every 10 seconds, small single-pixel counters appear between the three columns to make it easier to estimate the seconds.

Because Tokyoflash might update the app in the future with additional functionality, I have proposed in image 14 how additional information (e.g., caller’s number, email sender, event title) could be displayed on the watch.  With a firmware/app update, the watch will be somewhat futureproof.

Left-handed people could wear the watch by flipping it upside-down (for proper button orientation) and activating a “left-hand mode” in the app/watch that flips the display.  The display is nearly symmetrical as shown, but a few additional pixels for the 10-second counters would have to be added so that they could still be properly aligned when the watch was flipped.

6 thoughts on “PROTOCOL Smart Watch with retro pixel theme

  1. I’m not big on smart watches, either. I do love the look of the display, but it would be nice to see a more complete design, including watch band, etc.



  2. Pixelicious ❤ Slim, stylish, smart 🙂 I like the organized display, the ease of getting all info and read it. You made a simple set of pixels looks nice. Nice display colors too while keeping the watch itself sober. Could be a screaming magenta watch too and a black/white display because the watch is so simple, almost minimalistic, that it can come in many color combinations. Magenta + cyan… woof xD Aaanyway, a slim, straight watch like this with these three informative columns could be part of my watch collection so 5*/YES


  3. Sam said most of the things I would have done if I had gotten up earlier 😉 Very simple but very effective display with cool animations. Very itelligent design sir, me likey 5/Y best of luck! 😀


  4. I like the effect that you demonstrate in the animation – simply futuristic. I think this is a good design and smart watch lovers should consider having this. 5*Y.

    On side note, some people complained on my Broadcast watch that the design is too simple or flat. I hope if TF is considering making this watch, please take note on improving on that element.


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