Elements watch plots time on a continuous line.

Design submitted by Matt from Canada.

Matt says: I had this idea while I was waiting for my oven element to heat.

I made 2 models with a continuous line of LCD segments/LED’s lights and 2 models with 3 unconnected “elements”. It’s an hour/minute watch with alarm and date feature. To tell the time you simply have to look for the segments/lights that are/is ON/OFF.

Model 1: The times start at the top and end at the bottom. Sometime, the line direction change. A division block is located between the hour and minute and is in another color. Every 5th block has an X on it to help the reading. I made a small line in a different color on the band that connects the continuous time line.

The rectangle at the top-left corner is divided in 2 for the AM/PM indicators. The rectangle at the bottom-left corner is divided in 2 for the alarm/date indicators.

Model 2: The times start just below the top-left corner and end just over the bottom-left corner. The changes in the line direction make it look like a E. The division block and the X are also used. A grid could be engraved in the case.

The features indicators are located at the bottom and are: PM/alarm/date.

Model 3: I cut the line in 3 and it’s using the 12-11-4 time-telling method. The reading start at the left side, go toward the right, do a u-turn under it, go toward the left and end at the left side. The features indicators are the same as the previous model.

Model 4: The only difference with the previous model is that it’s using the 12-5-9 time-telling method.

They could use 1 segment ON, 1 OFF, multiple ON or OFF. Fans of minimalist design would wear it.

2 thoughts on “Elements watch plots time on a continuous line.

  1. Hi Matt, this model reminds me the “Barcode” at reading, with certe many LEDs, but it is readable and very friendly during animations, so a 5 * and Yes deserved.


  2. I like the look of the continuos line, give the watch a fun but technical look. Im struggling a little with the time telling, but would be worth the practice. Best of luck sir! 😀


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