Sandwatch is never the same twice.

Design submitted by Chingiz from Kyrgyzstan.

Chingiz says: I sat by the river and thought why modern watches don’t tell the true time. Because all known classic and digital watches repeat everyday. But we consume our lives/time/ like water, fuel or cigarettes and we must see it being exhausted constantly.

This ‘Binary Sand Watch’ has three lines with six digits in each. First line tells hours the rest two tell minutes as shown on attached files. Display shows a day is passing like fuel gauge. Modern digital color palette allows to give each day its own unrepeatable color. i.e. the watch display changes into a brand new color everyday that never repeats. A.m. or p.m. can be easily defined by the ‘level’ of the day.

Everyone who appreciates his own time must have a watch like this. We must avoid wasting time and learn to value it. We don’t purchase time like fuel or cigarettes, but nevertheless the time is precious.

Except the factory settings everyone can assign his own interpretation of reading time giving to each digit a new combination. Thus it can be an extremely personal watch, which can be read only by its owner. Also it will be the only watch that tells the true time.

8 thoughts on “Sandwatch is never the same twice.

  1. What an awesome idea. Simple yet elegant. The whole purpose of these watches are to be unique/have something special for yourself. And this fits the bill 10x, especially since you can set custom parameters for tim interpretation.
    5*/Yes and GL!~


  2. I usually struggle with binary type time telling but this seems quite easy and intuative, which is nice. The idea is sound and the watch itself looks very tide. The only negative for me is that it doesnt really excite me and make me weak at the knees. If there was someway of adding a little more drama then Id be in. Nice work with plenty of potential, best of luck and welcome to the blog Chingiz! 😀


  3. I like the idea & the display look. I like the dual-tone background used for am/pm. If it was possible, I would prefer if the 1 was centralized.
    I don’t like that type of case/strap, because it look like a toy/kid watch.


  4. Thank you, Makkovik, for your support. Yes, the dual tone shows a.m./p.m. but it cannot be centralized, because the darker tone’s level always goes down to bottom from the top like a fuel gauge.
    I agree that it looks like a toy watch. Actually I was pursuing what’s inside its display. It definitely needs a better design.
    I would be glad if anyone could build it in a new shape.


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