Ixpansion smartwatch adds flair to function

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam says: The Ixpansion is an analog LCD smartwatch. It uses a radial array of segments to show rather traditional watch hands in a minimalistic manner. The main feature of the display the expansion of any kind of information from the hands.

A simple but effective feature is the usage of time telling digits or words that turn the minimalistic display into an easy to read display with futuristic appeal.

The smart functions of the Ixpansion watch benefit very well from the radial LCD segments. Also here the watch hands serve as information container. They lose their time telling function and reveal the smart functions and notifiers. The menu titles and contents can be shown in a way that’s easy to understand and simple to use. At the pressing of a button all smartness retreats into the watch hands as simple as it came to sight.

As for the notifications of events, I imagine one hand revealing information about the type of event and the remaining time or the time when the event is due while the other hand could get accompanied by a time bar that gives a quick impression of the time between now and the event. If the even is more than an hour away, the time bar is coming out of the hour hand and shows the remaining time in hours. If the event is less than an hour away, the time bar is coming out of the minute hand and shows the remaining time in minutes – more precise. A similar display could work for past events or unchecked notifications. The time bar would grow backwards in time, ending where the notification occurred. Caller details and message contents could expand from the watch hand without the time bar.

Next to the purely functional displays, the planned amount of LCD segments would allow a vast variety of entertaining ones. I am giving a small glimpse. There can be alternative time displays that are super easy and functional or incredibly geeky and just for fun.

Anything mentioned above could be initiated, used or exited with cool animations of which I show some examples.

The Ixpansion is a simple watch concept at first sight but it expands to a multidimensional one when exploring it. The extra dimension is hidden in the watch hands that only reveal their contents when they are used. This could be the next generation of LCD watches with a wide appeal and a futuristic core.

24 thoughts on “Ixpansion smartwatch adds flair to function

  1. Another stunning design, Sam.
    Without the expansion, it would be hard to read as there are no markers on the case, but the time text solves that. This does mean that the alerts would mean going back to the time reading challenge, so I would probably always want the countdown notification for these, but prefer to keep to the expanding time display most of the time.
    The second alternative time display is another version of Uzumaki. I’ve already got a blue one of these, but it might be nice to wear another colour variation sometimes.
    A definite “must make”. 5*/Y


    • Thank you Nev!
      Having the written time always on could be one of the display options. Would look good!
      Yes, the pixel gradients are inspired by the Uzumaki (Hi Firdaus!). The more display options, the better 🙂


  2. Love the design of this watch. Even without the extra smart functionality, this is a beautifully simple, yet futuristic, design. Would definitely buy, if this made it to production.


  3. Brilliant. I had an idea somewhat like it that went nowhere, so it’s good to see it done right. =)

    I like that it’d LCD, it fits the display layout and the overall design, plus it’s lean on energy compared to LED which no doubt helps save power for all the nifty functionality. Frankly I’ll be surprised if this doesn’t get picked up.

    The only thing I don’t like about it is that it makes me wonder a little why I bother submitting stuff…=)


    • Awww Anders! If you keep enjoying thinking about time, that’s reason enough to submit… I hope =] Thanks for the “Brillian”. I also have some unfinished ideas that someone else executed here. It’s interesting.

      Yes I think LCD pixels like these are a nice alternative to the smartwatches out there. This watch is no competition for the high end models of course but it could be a cheaper and more energy friendly and definitely outstanding watch. Let’s see what the future brings =]


  4. I have to agree with most of what Anders said! Especially the last bit! lol
    Fingers crossed such a dense display is doable and the case can be kept slim enough after all the smart watch tech is squeezed inside. The basic premiss of the watch is very simple, brought to life by Sam’s quirky little details and animations. 5/Y best of luck sir! Not that luck is needed in your case! 😉


    • It’s been a while now but back then I compared this display with the one of the Optical Illusion LCD watch and I think I’m in doable limits. I also tried to have the gaps in a realistic width to see if it would still work. Seems it does 😀 Maybe the watch is an option without the smart part. Some cool displays, combined with animations, maybe some accelerometer or a compass and then it would rock too I think. I’d like to hear Tokyoflash discussing about it hehe. Oh I do need luck (that’s why I’m so lucky if it really happens) and all the opinions here. Whatever makes the flaws go and inspires the producers!

      Pete, thank you for your perspective and the support!!!


  5. I have to agree with most of what Pete said! Especially the last bit! lol
    I have other opinion of the watch but It’s better to silence about it. So to sum up, it’s Another stunning design, beautifully simple, Brilliant, and Looks great!! — agreed. 5/Y!


  6. Very cool design, Sam! 5*/Y

    PS: My Maru watch has gotten many compliments and my new Xtal is stunning! (Fun fact: looking at the Xtal display upside down at “03:07” in cryptic mode spells “Loco” . The animation options are very nice!).


    • Thank you lumist!!

      Wow this is cool man! It’s nice when these watches are recieved well. LOCO is fun! I will watch out for 03:07. When it’s 10:10, the display looks like two fishes =)


      • Hi Pawel! You own an Xtal? Cool, thanks for the purchase! I’m sorry, but you can’t turn off the beep. Do you have facebook or email to contact you?


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