Digitalis LCD watch for the cryptographer

Design submitted by Lloyd from Australia.

Lloyd says: “Digitalis” is an LCD concept watch design with 2 very different cryptic modes that display the time and date in a way that is both enigmatic yet easy to understand.

In the “analogue” cryptic mode, the outer layer of 12 squares in each figure in the display mimics the layout of the hour markers on a conventional analogue watch. The digits 1-9 in the time or date can therefore be determined by noticing the position of the missing square in each figure. Appropriately, zero is indicated when the middle square of a figure is missing thereby forming a zero. In the “sandwich” cryptic mode, each digit is positioned between 2 horizontal lines of squares and, if for any reason you need it, there’s a quick reveal mode. In addition to these 2 modes there’s an “EZ” (easy) mode that displays the digits normally and a dual mode that displays the time and date at the same time.

Digitalis has a date mode and is USB rechargeable via a computer. It also has an alarm and an EL backlight which makes the display easier to read at night. The watch’s case and strap are stainless steel and the display is “always on”.

This design would appeal to anyone who loves quirky modern gadgets, puzzles, creativity and thinking “outside the box”.

Hopefully, its puzzling display and styling make it stand out from other designs.

21 thoughts on “Digitalis LCD watch for the cryptographer

  1. I like both of the cryptic modes and the dual version. I can see myself using all modes to keep it interesting (apart from the the “EZ” mode).
    How do you tell which mode you are using and whether you are looking at the time or the date? Do you just have to remember what you selected and how many times you press the buttons?
    Definitely should be made – good luck. 5*/Y


    • Cheers a lot Nev!😉 I expect TF could add an indicator to let the user know which mode is being displayed or the date could just be displayed for a short time before reverting back automatically to the time.


  2. Very simple and very cryptic but easy to read display. Loving the cryptic sandwich mode, looks very alien at first but once you see, it’s as easy as eating a sandwich! Nice work sir 5/Y best of luck!😀


  3. Lloyd finally! Really cryptic, but I understood without explanation, I’m proud of myself, because it is not easy at first.
    Very nice work that fits perfectly with the philosophy of TF.
    This is 5 stars and a big Yes, waiting to see this watch for the sale.


  4. Your concept provides the characters, Mushy, so I think you should rechristen this BAD new line ASS and have it on the display! You must have hidden a fun picture in there as well somewhere… On a sidenote, I’m now looking at programming my said concept, as copyright pursuits have not yet proven fruitful. Stay tuned.


  5. Two cryptic time-telling method in one watch–Lloyd’s really done it this time!

    Sandwich mode comes a lot more naturally to me being that I’m more visual and it is the easier of the two to decipher outright. I do relish the challenge of the analog mode and it gets easier to read after more familiarity.

    5 and yes! Watches are always more fun when you add Lloyd to the mix. Keep on keepin’ on!


  6. Very simple but nicely executed. The sandwich mode is interesting but as the name implies as easy as sandwich! A good idea you present here, so it’s 5/y from me and good luck sir!


  7. I like the idea. I like the dual time/date. Usually the month is before the date, but since we write the date before the month it’s not a problem. (where I live) The cryptic is also interesting. I don’t like the sandwich mode.


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