Mangekyo LCD Watch with kaleidoscopic display

Design submitted by Patrick from France.

Patrick says: An enigmatic watch generating of the incomprehensible kaleidoscopic drawings? (inspired by my “Hiding-Watch“)

The “Mangekyo-Watch” LCD

AM-PM – Displays the time and date – Alarm mode – Unisex design for small & large wrists – LCD “always on” display – Electroluminescent (EL) backlight (for night time only) – Stainless steel case, & clasp.

The “Mangekyo-Watch” is intended to many people which wish, initially, to hold secret the reading of its watch.

The “Mangekyo-Watch” is, with the first access, of a cryptic reading complexes, but when you have the solution, it is of a disconcerting reading of facility.

46 thoughts on “Mangekyo LCD Watch with kaleidoscopic display

  1. Nice work Patrick! Cryptic digits with cool effect! Very smart indeed! I agree with Sam, it must be your turn soon! 5/Y best of luck! 😀


  2. Ok that’s cool! Very nice basic idea, pretty cool execution. It’s a nice balance between “what am I looking at?” and “oh it’s easy to tell time”. I’d like to see more time examples monsieur. 5*/YES definitely 🙂


    • Hi Firdaus, thank you for your comment and your vote, I wanted really stuck to the topic of Tokyoflash: “CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK ABOUT TIME”, while being artistic and very easy to read.


  3. First reaction: “What the- is this even readable?”
    …Reads description…
    Second reaction: “Oh, oh I see… Why can’t I come up something this clever?” =)

    Brilliant cryptic-ness (?) Patrick, the perspective effect really pushes it into something special. I don’t say this about many concepts on this blog, but this one I’d actually seriously consider buying for myself. Great work!


  4. Yessssss! Very nice concept. It took me a moment trying to read the numbers by my own, but when i saw the explanation of it, it became so simple and clear! Good luck for it, 5*/Y


  5. WOW! It’s very original and smart that you tought of an angle to present the numbers! Also, I think the design fit for men as well as for women. Love it!


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