Dawn, Dusk, Equinox: A Night (re)Vision

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: I have come up with some alternative shape & re-designs for Night Vision.

I call these concepts: Dawn, Dusk & Equinox. Each Version of these wristwatches has a different control Interface.

The Outer dial has twelve sectors that display Hours 1 to 12 or Months 1: Jan to 12: Dec. The missing / unlit sector represents the current time / Or Date.

The Inner Dial is constructed of a pair of LED Digits that display the Minutes 00 to 59 or Days 01st to 31st. In charge mode the outer dial counts down the charge time remaining: 4 Hours : 240 Minutes & the Center Dial Display the Percentage of Charge.

Anyone who likes the current Night Vision Wristwatch but is looking for a different shape / styled display.

This wristwatch has Retro LED Styled display.

10 thoughts on “Dawn, Dusk, Equinox: A Night (re)Vision

  1. I’d have to agree with Fir here. The first one is quite interesting and unusual. The other two are too similar to the original night vision. The only criticism on the first design is the spacing of the blocks around the outside. They should really be in the traditional analogue positions. I can see you have tried to space out 11 blocks but you could have used 12 and had the 12th for a pm indicator or left it blank but kept the spacing. Either way would be more initiative. Minor details anyway. Best of luck sir! 😀


    • Whoops I have made some mistakes with the design of the Equinox concept as well as some school boy spelling errors: Descrease instead of Decrease.
      I looked through some of Tokyo flashes existing stock / blog to examine which I thought I could re-design or that other people wanted different style versions. On the comments on the Night Vision some commented that they would like to see a Round Faced version. So that became the starting point(Dawn), I created & add the square (Dusk) & Equinox (Oval) versions later.


  2. Again, the first one…=) the unusual shape of the segmented digits struck me when I first saw it; I can’t recall seeing them done like that before, which is becoming increasingly impressive on this blog…
    nice work on the shape of the case as well, it harmonises well with the display and it’s more unusual and interesting than a rectangle or circle.

    There’s nothing wrong with the other two, but by comparison they seem familiar, and not as interesting.

    I have to agree with Pete on the hour markers, but as he says it’s a detail. Well done, and good luck!


    • What exactly do you like about these watches, Fiona Clark? Or are you just here to spruik your watches? I’m sure Tokyo Flash wouldn’t be too happy about you advertising your watches on their site!


  3. The first version could be a more ladylike edition of the night vision! The other two versions are nice but not strong enough I think. A leather strap for the first watch and it would be really really nice. Not for me but I can see the appeal. 5*/the lady in me says YES. Good luck!!


    • Each version of this concept is aimed at different genders: Equinox: Female, Dusk: Male & Dawn: Unisex / both sexes. If enough people wanted to see this watch with a Leather strap instead of a bracelet then hopefully Tokyo Flash would make one in either black, brown or White Fake / real Leather.


  4. I prefer the 2nd & 3rd models. I find the 1st one too feminine. But I wouldn’t buy it since the “Night Vision” is still available & not on my wishlist.


    • The first oval shaped version of this submission: Equinox is Styled & Shaped for female wrists. The Dusk: Square is more masculine & aimed male wrists & the Round: Dawn would be a unisex model. If enough people say which one of the versions they like most Equinox, Dawn or Dusk hopefully that will selected over to be made reality over the over styles. I know that the Night Vision is still available & TF customer may prefer the original more to any alternative version.


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