ARTNALOGY e-paper watch lets you customise your wrist.

Design submitted by Firdaus from Malaysia.

Firdaus says: Analog movement + art + freedom = ARTNALOGY.

This is an analog watch design with electronic paper display. This is not a new idea, but an idea, refined. A normal analog movement watch with changeable face background, customizeable by user. The purpose is to maximize talent of analog movement, in a watch! ((There will be storage mechanism, either by using micro sd card or built in memory with usb connectivity.))

The target market is for analog watch lovers, plus art lovers, and lovers of… freedom. But yeah time is the important most so the time is highlighted.

Maximize talent of analog watch – your own way; make it simply artistic, personal tattoo, geeky, calculative, puzzling, chaotic, inspiring, portrait, and so on. Artnalogy – freedom of creativity is now in your analog watch.

9 thoughts on “ARTNALOGY e-paper watch lets you customise your wrist.

  1. Hey Fir, I knew this was one of yours before I even clicked the link . It has your clean simple style that is quite recognisable. I really like the look of this. I like the idea that you have separated the time telling from the background. That would make the customisation that much easier. Like other epaper designs before it the possibilities are endless. What would also be a nice touch is if the display could affect the background if you wanted to. So the second hand could rotated around and blur the image or something. I always wanted to do a “zen garden” watch where the hands comb the background, but it was always in-feasible. With this layout it might be possible. Anyway that’s enough waffle from me. Nice work 5/Y best of luck sir! 😀


    • I see some more pointless and rediculous downrating is happening here! 3.7* get serious people!
      I imagine that said downrater is a fan or friend of another submitter here, probably one who gets great marks irrespective of the quality of the design, the amount of comments and shares. Downrater you probably think you are helping your friend and improving thier chances whilst trying to ruin others, but your not! All you are suceeding to do is to irritate, you are nothing more than a troll!


  2. Nice idea, clean simple and endlessly personalizable (if that’s a word)…=) Having said that this design doesn’t really grab me, I feel there’s untapped potential in the time telling. the present option feels a bit too simple… Also, I can’t help but wonder if the e-paper display technically allows for a hole in the middle, for the hands. If not, they might be mounted or printed on transparent discs rotated from the circumference instead. Which might allow for funkier hands… Anyway, just a thought. Best of luck!


  3. Cheers everyone for your feedback! When I said this is not a new idea, I was referring to such watch from PHOSPHOR company, just to tell that it is possible to combine E-Ink and Analog in a design. I was originally thought about the idea, then I checked such watch has been made by Art Technology.

    I have watch with changeable face and I think its cool, but I’m a fan of analog watch because I can see the time moving around. I also realized the potential of creativity in analog designs, lead me to design this watch. I’m not particularly inventing any new time telling here, just to showcase existing ideas already offered in the market.

    There’s also special purpose for this submission but I’ll keep the observation for myself.

    Thanks again for any comments / vote. Also thanks TF for posting this design!


  4. I like the idea & the overall look. It remind me of PHOSPHOR ana-digi watch, but more customizable.

    I made 4 models using the display for the hour & using hands for the minutes/seconds. ( AD 1224 & the revision was published. The other 2 didn’t get published )


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