Ophidian Alien Lizard watch slithers onto your wrist.

Design submitted by Andrew from the UK.

Andrew says: Ophidian: Despite to what scientist believes dinosaurs did not all die off millions of years ago during an asteroid. Some the evolved in Humanoid creatures some fled the earth in star ships to establishing a new home world but to others remained on earth & now disguise themselves.

This race of Creatures called Ophidian’s live amongst us in secret. This wrist watch is Available in various Materials each Multiple LED Back Light Color selection.

The digits are created from oval shape of a reptilian the Split Pupil.

The Touch display also has a blinking Outer Eyelid animation which opens for One Minute. Which Opens & Closes every alternate second to give the illusion of a living display. Plus Three Digit Animations: Cryptic: Fragmented, Standard (Default), Random: Random Generated numbers.

Fans of Science Fiction miniseries “V” & anyone with an interest in creatures of the natural world especially of Snake / Reptiles.

The multiple color LED setting for each & the Digit Black / White colors & plus various styles of digit animations the Various bracelet style / materials to choose from.

8 thoughts on “Ophidian Alien Lizard watch slithers onto your wrist.

  1. Hi Andrew,
    This one has certainly got an interesting look. I can imagine this suiting ladies wrist as it is quite organic and could be pretty slim. I think to do the eye closing/opening animation justice you would need to divide the display into more segments than you currently have to get that smooth movement needed to make it look alive. More segments would also allow the various styles of digit to be more defined etc. These are minor tech details which I’m sure TF would take care of if they developed the idea further. 5* best of luck sir! 😀


    • Thanks Pete for your support. This wristwatch would suit at both at male & female wrist the display could do with a little more work / segments. I am sure that if TF were to develop this concept further I sure they would want make similar changes.


  2. I would like to add some further information to this concept:
    The Touch screen & watch face are have a shaped as a slight domed hemisphere plus the links are not only curved at the edge but also slightly curved Inward on the inner side & curved slightly outward on the outer edge. In order to give this wristwatch a more organic Feel.
    Furthermore the sound that each version of this concept according to each of the themed styles / materials used: Fake Snake Leather: Eyelids: Snake Blinks, Alarm: Snake Hiss / Rattle . Mock Croc: Eyelids: Croc, Alarm Croc Growl / hiss, Metal / Carbon Fiber: Eyelids: Camera Shutter, Alarm: Electronic . The Eyelid sound are only activate once the user touch the screen to open / reveal the display & when the eyelids close after one minute has elapsed even though the eyelids continue to blink every other second.


  3. I like the snake skin with the futuristic display. Very different from what we have. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this design. Keep up the good work!


    • When I came up with this design concept I wanted to make sure that the materials used reflects the general theme: Reptile, Snake, Crocodile Eye/s / skins. If you decide to develop this wristwatch further the wristwatch case would be a three dimensional oval / eye shape case & the bracelet inside would be curved inward for a more ergonomic fit for either Male / Female wrists. The outer bracelet would be curved outward like that of a snake body / backbone this would enforce the overall feel / organic shape & style of this concept.
      Furthermore if an animal is Poisonous like a: Snake / Animal only poses a threat to health if something eat it however if a snake is venomous: it kills it by injecting Venom into it Prey.
      Therefore the “Poisonous” versions of this concept would be renamed “Venom / Venomous”.
      Plus if this concept sells well further material Style could be made Available such as: Fake Snake Skin: King Cobra, Anaconda, or even Wood. Andrew Joy


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