An LCD Watch Designed to Hypnotize

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: “Hypno is an LCD watch concept.

You can choose from three different animations. They are visible as long while the time button is pressed. Then will appear in the display with the current time. The upper two digits show the hours, and the bottom two are the minutes. After the initial difficulties have been very easy to read.”


10 thoughts on “An LCD Watch Designed to Hypnotize

  1. This looks really nice and is very well resolved. My only issue is that it does remnd me a little of Heathers “Cryptic” design, although this is more cryptic in its apearance. Hopefully one of these designs will tickle TF’s tastebuds as its a cool time telling method. 5/Y Best of luck! ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. Very nice! I had the pleasant aha-moment when I worked out the time without reading the description, which is always good. I like the graphics of the display; the balance between the thickness of the lines and the sizes of the LCD elements. I can’t remember the submission Pete mentioned, unfortunately (sorry Heather), but hopefully both will get made! =)


  3. I like this one a lot, even though it is very similar to my original. I really like the animation options, and this is even more cryptic than mine. Excellent work! 5*/yes


  4. I loved the appearance straight away, but it took a while to work out how to read it. It is certainly one you have to take time to read, but it is certainly worth the effort. Blue / black one for me, please. 5*/Y


  5. At first glance I did not realise how to read this display correctly however now I see the unique style of this concept.


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