Escape to Different Watch Styles

Design submitted by Andrew from UK.

Andrew says: Escape is removable wrist watch face or Escape Capsule that can be worn as Dog tag style pendant, attach to a Key ring on your house / car key as well as worn on the wrist. Furthermore other interchangeable wrist watch straps / bracelets would be available to purchase separately giving the owner the option of changing the look of the watch without having to buy an entire new watch.

E-ink / e-paper display digits in a space age style digits. These Change their orientation automatically depending on the wrist watch’s position. Horizontal: Watch place on its side / Wearers wrist by the Side. Vertical: when worn as a dog tag pendent or when the user brings their wrist up so that they can read the digit that display: Time, Date, Alarm or Stopwatch.

The design will appeal to anyone looking for a multiple function wrist watch with a futuristic display.  Plus trend setter: not only because it can be worn in different ways but because its different looks & material used for each of the interchangeable bracelet / straps.

This wrist watch design concept automatically changes depending on it’s position.  Furthermore it can be worn it various ways, because each bracelet come with a lanyard, Wrist watch face Frame Case: so that the owner can wear the Esc: Capsule as a dog tag, key fob or attach it to a watch chain & wear it as a pocket watch.

6 thoughts on “Escape to Different Watch Styles

  1. I’m a big fan of customisation, and love the idea of swappable straps and wearing styles. The dog tag shape is nice and suits the funky digits. I prefer the more sober colour schemes but you have tried to cater for all tastes. My favourite of you designs so 5/Y best of luck sir! 😀


  2. I would like to thank Tokyo flash Japan for publishing my: Esc (Escape) Wristwatch concept on their blog.
    I wanted to create a watch with a futuristic display & tried to think of a way for it to stand out. I decided to make the watch face removable from the bracelet / strap. This lead to me calling this design Esc: Escape because the watch face can escape from the bracelet & be worn as either dog tag, pocket watch or on a key ring as well as a wristwatch.


  3. I too am a bit of a fan of the removeable straps, I like the auto-rotate display, and I really like the alarm/date/stopwatch indications. Also, the style of the digits work very well with the rest of the concept. The style however isn’t quite my thing but I’m not sure why. I’m sure enough people would like it though. Good work, and good luck!


  4. I like the idea of removable strap & auto-orientation. The digits are ok but I would prefer if the central “–” was less high & the cut-out pieces ( top-left/right & bottom left/right of the — ) higher. My fav is the “black IP carbon fiber/black digits on yellow background.


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